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15-04-2007, 23:26
I can't find a Mga thread with the search, so I have to make a new one, sorry.

Anyway, I'd like to say that I really like the map and the plane set, but it seams to be in need of a little tweak. The number of F4s in the air should be limited.

There is no fun in every opponent you run into being a F4. I'd say 6-7 should be enough and not 11 or 12 like it is right now.

16-04-2007, 00:02
Weekend crowd bring the worst out of every map, sadly. It was a bit silly, luckily it doesn't happen that often. Usually there's some, let's say less stats oriented people trying to win the mission.

What we need is PItFoIP (Punch In the Face over Internet Protocol) support to the game.

16-04-2007, 12:11
What we need is PItFoIP (Punch In the Face over Internet Protocol) support to the game.


16-04-2007, 13:29
^This is the Mga thread (i think it's the :1942 bit that stops it showing up.)^

At the moment there aren't any limits on anything except the Vya23(kinderwud) cannon on the LaGG. Last nights run was 41 kills for Blue and 32 for Red. I'd prefer no limits at all rather than a limit on the 109F4, would this balance if it was the 109F2? instead? Other concerns about this map that I have is the targets are very dense and within a short time limit might not be achievable. Considering we often have ground attack formations of 7+ aircraft this level of activity is what I was aiming at in terms of target difficulty.

So to recap i'd like to have no numbers limits if at all possible and have no problem altering the planeset a bit. Possible options include...

Bf109F2's not F4's
LaGG 35 series (29 series currently)
LaGG 29's (but allow the Vya cannon)
limit the 109F4s
airfield limit the numbers of 109F4's flying

16-04-2007, 15:16
I think airfield limited F4 is the best alternative if you need to do something to this. I rather like the idea of separate airfield for them.

16-04-2007, 17:20
I think airfield limited F4 is the best alternative if you need to do something to this. I rather like the idea of separate airfield for them.

Good Idea. Please don't replace the F4 with the F2 because something is needed to cope with those HurricaneMKII's.

16-04-2007, 17:53
F2 now that sounds nice, it's such a lovely plane, you actually have to work for it.. :cool:

16-04-2007, 18:10
To return to zorins original suggestion, another airfield with some 109F4's is feasable but I think we would have to do the same for a red fighter too.

Undoubtably the F4 is the superior fighter here in the right hands, It's fastest and turns well too. The reds have got slower but better armed planes and some with a turning advantage too.

There are potential problems with the limited air-flyable option set up to involving spawn deaths and predicting exactly how many spawn you actually get too. I wonder how much carnage there would be if all of reds flew the HurriIIc in a big cloud here aswell.

A lot of what I've typed here and the post above is 'thinking out loud' really finding a suitable nearly balanced opponent for the 109F4 is tough with a russian planeset and any map can be thrown off by 'weekend crazies':D

05-07-2007, 23:09

I was present today when Reds took and absolute trouncing, it's 17 kills vs 38 !

Which however much fun it was for Blues tonight it amounts to a disaster of map balance which I am totally responsible for. The planeset here is going to have to change, to favour reds more or it's going to have to go. Primarily it's the speed of the 109F4 that's the issue here according to hardballs the Bf109F4 has a 117kph advantage over the dreaded Hurricane IIc and is faster than the LaGG29 and outturns it too. The 109F2 is only slightly slower. Now I know the F4 is a lot of fun to fly but we need to spread that fun around a little to make for a fairer match. Maybe adding the MiG-3 UD and a limited amount of MiG-3 AM-38 (which is faster and doesn't often get used) the choice of a fieldmod hurricane and the fieldmod IL2 might be welcome for some players too. I know the MiG-3 AM38 is a sort of experimental version but I think we could make room for it somewhere.
The alternative as suggested above is to limit the amount of Bf109F4's flyable which is a solution but only really works because most of the blue side are forced into flying an Bf109E7 when they want to fly an F4.

06-07-2007, 05:20
Mig AM 38 outruns everything unless a FW190 or 109 G2 is around. Personally I like the E, as long as there aren't any spits on the map it is competitive. Limiting the F4s seems like a viable option IMO.

Oh yeah, the Mig AM38 used the IL2's engine. It was discontinued because Stalin forbade it being used in any other plane (under penalty of death!).

06-07-2007, 10:28
I like the idea of an uber Mig 3. It's a really good looking plane and doesn't usually get a chance to shine. I think quite often a map is unbalanced as much by people's perception of it as the actual planeset. Before the La5 is around most people look at the planeset and think "hmm.. reds have got a pile of old russian tractors and blues have got... wow look! Bf109's! I know which side I'm going on!".

06-07-2007, 12:50
I'll have to go with major on this one.

Just because when you limit the amount of F4, the problem will be that they'll be used extensively for the first 15 min or so and then about 10 pilots will leave/join red/get kicked and the map is basicly over.

Il-2 field mod could be a winner too, more ground pounding power could force the blues lower to counter them.
Also the early yaks are an option, yak-1 and yak-7b

06-07-2007, 15:57
What I want to try is to incorporate the strategies mentioned above.
So have spawn limited 109F4s at a new airfield and spawn limited MiG AM's
General use Bf109F2s at the main airfield add in the pe2 (minus the 500kg bomb options) and the IL2 with rear gunner and the hurri field mod for those that fancy that option. The MiG AM is fast it's true but its a very fragile plane but it at least adds some threat element to the Bf109F4s at high altitude.

Really this again highlights how difficult it can be to 'fun balance' early war Ostfront maps.

06-07-2007, 16:16
Don't forget that the MiG-3AM-38 has its best altitude at ~3000m. It is worse than the MiG-3ud at 4000m+ and even worse than the 109F-4.

Its a pure low-alt fighter.

14-07-2007, 12:48
Played this last night and I've got to say the Mig-3AM-38 is just brilliant fun. It's sooooo fast in level flight with phenomenal acceleration. You can go from a tight break turn at 300 kmh to straight line flight on the deck at over 500 kmh in seconds. I'd go as far as to say this is the most fun I've had in Il2 since... well since the last time I had loads of fun in IL2. The funny thing is virtually no one else was flying it.

It can't dive, the guns are rubbish, (but with loads of ammo so you can hose away with confidence), it's not a great turner. But having never really flown this version of the Mig3 before I feel like there's been a new patch released and Oleg's given me a new plane to fly! And as an added and very important bonus it looks really cool too :cool:

14-07-2007, 13:19
Yes Reds still got beat on this 'Now with added MiG!' version but not drastically.
A few really crazy tree top brawls ensued that were a lot of fun. With a spawn maximum of 7 bf109F4s flying this wasn't so limited that it made a joke of this being the frontline Lufty fighter at the time (the MiGAM38s are spawn limited too.) I hope this has altered things to be a bit more fun for both sides.