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19-04-2007, 09:36

More than 12 months ago I submitted my first UkDed map which was Apennines, see above thread. There are a few reasons why I'd like to replace it with another map the biggest is that the whole arrangement of the Mountains map doesn't allow sufficient distance between the bases to prevent persistent base camping which is a BIG problem when even chasing a bandit from the centre of the map places you in AAA range of the bases within a minute or two. Another issue is that after the armistice Italian aircraft never flew against each other, I'm more particular about this historical innacuracy than I was 12 months ago.
Finally although the Italy map is used on UK2 a couple of times (Biscay,Dragoon) neither of these is an Italian theatre scenario at all.
So I've made Apennines2, same planeset except there are no Allied MC205 Folgores and it's on the Italy DF map.
Base separation is greater but it's still a small map, Regia Aeronautica Folgores have a separate airfield now too. I know JtD has redone the Italy scenario for Ukd1 (I've not seen it.) I'm wondering how similar these two projects have ended up.

19-04-2007, 10:57
This looks great, look forward to seeing it. Nice to see the Italy map getting more use.

19-04-2007, 15:36
THis is on the server by the way for test purposes, Apennines2.mis

20-04-2007, 01:11
Really enjoyed this map tonight. Good distances, all the action concentrated in a 2x2 area, nice planeset, cool terrain :cool:

Looking forward to trying out the other planes - only flew p-39s and p-38s.

20-04-2007, 02:42
Sweet...once I convince myself to start flying again I'll be on and wanting to try this one!

20-04-2007, 07:46
Haven't flown much lately but looking forward to this :)