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21-04-2007, 15:36
Since nightfighting offline is nearly impossible in this game (navlights :(), we just háve to take it online :D

I was thinking;

NWEurope map, as the border region between the Netherlands and Germany.

The planeset Im not really sure, maybe have the b24 sub as a English heavy, other heavies maybe? beau as escort?

bf110 as interceptor (the main reason id like this kind of map) he111 and ju88 as bombers maybe? I would like this map to have no single engine planes ^_^

See this post as just a early idea, discuss please!

21-04-2007, 16:21
There used to be a map very similar to the one you are suggesting called Moonlight (?), which was removed from the cycle because it was so 'unpopular'.

21-04-2007, 16:27
because it was so 'unpopular'.
Not if you ask LeVola :D

We really could use a "poor" weather map with TOD setting more towards dawn or dusk to set a good mood, no?

21-04-2007, 16:54
I would warn about using the NW Europe map. The object count is very high and the last map I tried on it was a failure because of the heavy lag some people experienced.

21-04-2007, 17:30
Moonlight, ;) we can still manually change to that map if we want.(at least I think we still can)