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18-06-2007, 02:15
For a while I've been tinkering with the best way to show off as much of the 1946 content all at once. I'm still sort of stuck on how to do this and what the best map and aircraft combinations are in place.

I want to make sure the props like the Yak-3 VK107, Do-335V-13 and Ta-152C get their fair shake as well as everything up to the Mig-9, Ta-183, and Me-262HG-II. Anyone have any suggestions that might be useful?

For the ultimate use of the X-4 rockets I was thinking of making the B-29 or Pe-8 available too...thoughts?

18-06-2007, 03:06
Leave out the X4 or you cite all the MK108 whiners. They are already dreaded in late war scenarios and sure can't take the X4 in, as well.

Besides, killing them with the Do V13 and her overwhelming firepower will be so much more enjoyable ;)

18-06-2007, 04:29
Ahh the MK108 whiners can just take out a Mig-9 and blast away with that 45mm rapid fire cannon...until their engines stall due to sucking in the exhaust fumes :D

Has anyone tried the Kiev map online? I'm going to guess that its absolute murder with all of the special textures involved.

18-06-2007, 13:14
Kiev map runs ok online on my old compute here.

I think there is a 1946 map on the server already, iirc it is using the Berlin scenario.

It would be a pity when all the nice planes we got with 1946 are banned because they are too much overkill. We have them so they should be used in my opinion.

A nice idea you got there Ice! :)

19-06-2007, 00:26
The way I see it...they aren't much overkill when everyone is flying them. Also those big guns are there so you only need one hit to kill because trying to land more than one shot on a target is really hard when everyone is dogfighting at 650kph :D

Thanks for the encouragement Sonko. I'll look into the Kiev map...if you haven't seen any problems with it online maybe we'll do a trial run without too much detail and if the map works out ok then I'll populate it.

19-06-2007, 17:11
A bit like this then?;)


Some of this stuff isn't popular with some of our players- So Stalemate languishes as an admin called map only. I personally think one or two 'fun' unusual maps out of 70 or so isn't too bad. But it falls into what people consider fun I suppose, some folks loathe all things russian front, some loathe all pacific maps, for some it MUST BE late war western front for others the opposite.
Good luck with this project, I feel the 1946 planes are quite effective as a set Blue vs Red. As for the missiles, Unless you are in a big bomber they aren't a great threat to anything IMO.

19-06-2007, 18:50
Ice weren't you planning at one stage to do a sort of early Cold War map? I think a hypothetical late 40's engagement between the US and the Soviets might be interesting.

19-06-2007, 22:17
Never seen that one Firelok :)

Yeah I was working on a early Cold War turns hot sort of scenario...I haven't quite finished with that yet. Its still in development as its a bit more tricky to do the Red Vs Blue thing when everything assumes that the Allies are Red and the Axis is Blue. But I'm making progress.