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22-06-2007, 18:09
I've started working on a "Murmansk" map. :eek:

I am not sure what types of AAA unit I should place around the target area.

I also need to know the quantity, as in - units per square Kilometer.

What do you chaps recommend?

All ideas/suggestions gratefully received...

22-06-2007, 19:13
An amount that can bring down a mudmover who stays for too long but is not lethal enough to give him only one attack opportunity or will slow the game down due to massive tracerfire.

22-06-2007, 19:15
Would you mind specifying your map idea as we already have a Murmansk map in the circle on Ukded2.

22-06-2007, 20:09

I've only just started laying out targets.

I do recall there being a Murmansk based map on UKD2, but only have a vague recollection of the content.

I'm more interested in creating a map fo UKD3, with an emphasis on level bombing large target areas.

Can anybody give me a brief for the existing map, so that I don't end up copying it?

22-06-2007, 21:30
Blues level bomb the Murmansk harbor and reds attack a German supply convoy.

23-06-2007, 01:47
BTW: There are now two Murmansk maps. Version 4.08 included a summer version. Just in case!

23-06-2007, 08:47

Yes, I'm using the summer map. :)

23-06-2007, 10:31
Check out Firelok's map tutorial (http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?t=13545). IIRC there's a section on recommended AAA types/amounts, and it's a really good read if you're starting out making maps.

23-06-2007, 15:43
I would experiment If I were you Bladebender, add your AAA around the target. Start with small numbers of Flak objects set up waypoints for flight of bombers (or whatever) on the run in to targets at an idea operational height, make one flyable and use the Play feature of the FMB to experience the AAA. It's worth assuming it's going to be nastier online too.

5 Flak 88's is a pretty dangerous proposition for level bombers and can engage at about 6000m possible 8000m.

Another idea might be to find out what Flak is at particular targets on maps that you fly regularly, I'm sure the map guys for Uk3 would be happy to help out. My personal formula is 2 light for one heavy but if there is to be fighter bomber or sturmoviks maybe have more light less heavy flak.
P.S. all of the 37mm-40mm medium flak is quite dangerous to all aircraft.

23-06-2007, 16:57
Usually four to six of the medium calibre flak batteries is enough. Particularly the German 20mm and 37mm batteries are quite effective. So are the Japanese ones...the 3x37mm is brutal.

23-06-2007, 17:45

Thanks chaps.

You've given me helpful starting point.