View Full Version : Waterworld - map for Syndicate vs Supporters Event

06-07-2007, 20:19
Just a silly fun airquake map, but with ship targets for both sides. Totally and utterly non-historical. There are 2xKGV BB's, 4xIndianapolis CA's, 4xFletcher DD's in each side's fleet. There are also 2xM Boats at each base to act as AAA. Objective is to sink all the ships including those at the bases, or destroy the required number of enemy aircraft. Planeset is simply all the seaplanes in the game.




09-07-2007, 17:30
A simple yes vote, lettuce do this one next event. Would make a cool map for the peak time.

09-07-2007, 17:40
Insert Kevin Costner joke here

09-07-2007, 18:37
THis is perhaps the oddest map Oleg ever made for us, big round of applause for coming up with a use for it.:)

09-07-2007, 19:24
Are there any sail-boats? I want sail boats!

Loving the Airquake idea. Not only do we have the best maps on the planet, we're now going to beat the Quake servers at their own game. It will be Airquake, but with well-groomed moustaches and a fresh glass Pimms.