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15-07-2007, 18:47
I am planning to make a small map for online dogfight. When I will be good in making and planning maps then I will send one to UKD1 admins :)

My question is: How to make AI planes flyable. What things I should consider?
Recommendations and suggestions are welcome.

15-07-2007, 19:14
This is a matter of editing the .mis file in a text editor like wordpad.
say we have a mission with planes added etc called Italy.mis
after saving all your flyable plane choices and having completed most of what you need to do in the Full Mission Builder. Find the .mis file (in this case called Italy.mis) in your Missions/Dogfight directory (or wherever you saved it) and open it with Wordpad. The bit that matters is towards the end after the lists of objects etc, it looks like this...


With B-17G being the AI plane's code that I've pasted into the text file. When you run the mission the AI plane will be available to fly at this base.
*NOTE* If you open the mission in the games editor again after adding AI planes they are deleted, FMB removes them:( (so add your AI planes last.)

A list of all the AI plane codes (e.g. B-17G) can be found on our forums along with a lot of other useful mapping info.
Useful Mapping Links and Info (http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?t=13303)

15-07-2007, 20:06
Thanks firelock, I have read your guide that you've posted before. That's definately helpful.