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19-07-2007, 17:51
I am planning to do the map for Battle of KhalkhinGol (UKD1) if it was not done by someone else before.

The plane selection might be a little hard, and I am unable to find sufficient information from wikipedia and some other URLs.

Could you please throw me some links to read? I will post my proposed planeset later. Of course, feel free to give me some suggestions

19-07-2007, 19:38
This (http://cgsc.leavenworth.army.mil/carl/resources/csi/glantz3/glantz3.asp) looks pretty handy. Has the OOB for both sides, you should be able to work out the actual aircraft types with a bit of common sense and Google magic. Good luck! :)

19-07-2007, 22:26
Picture an evil thrashing at the hands of the Red teams planes and you won't be far wrong. i16 type 18 and the U2VS for reds and the Ki27s,D3A (wrong I know but nothing else will work for IL2)

I 153 is going to own soo much if you put it in, it's not worth considering in my view. Even without it the I16 is only in trouble if it stays to dogfight at slow speeds with the Ki27s. I made a Chinese Nationalist Airforce map (Kwantung) for UK2 and these aircraft formed part of the set.So I tried them out quite a bit against each other, trust me the i153 is a nightmare for blues.

20-07-2007, 06:01
Thanks MD and firelock for the suggestions.

Here is what I propose:


I-16 type 18
U2VS is from 1941-42. How about replacing it with DB-3b or DB-3M?

Ki27 (Ko or Otsu or both?)
Ki-27-I (not sure if it should be there)

Should SB-2 and be included? I-153 is indeed too much :)

I will read about ground units later

Edit: TB-3 was used in Khalkhin Gol

21-07-2007, 13:02
Thanks J for the input :) I guess that there is no need to be 100% historical with UKD1 maps. I'd like to know if I-153 can compete with AM62 early version (Say Japs were a bit fast in parallel universe :D). Of course, we need to consider the balance between two teams since a significant number of players like to fly uber planes :rolleyes:

Could you or any other admin sent me that Singapore map? Probably I will use it to do one for UKD1

Edit: Found out that AM62 will nail I-153