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02-08-2007, 17:38
The idea is, yeah, that Poland and France like club together and beat everyone else, yeah, and then they gather together all the captured LA5's and Spitfires and Me109s and stick them in a big pile and BOMB THE CR@P OUT OF THEM. In the middle of the night in a thunderstorm. In P11's. Should prove popular. And it takes them ages because those bombs are just teeny.





I propose that we start a new server that has this map running constantly on a loop. Anyone who types < vote without even flying a single sortie should be automatically redirected to this new Virtual Hell Server, where they will spend the rest of eternity pathetically and futilely (?) attemting to bomb the same targets over and over again, never to return to the blue skies and throbbing Hispanos ever ever again.

02-08-2007, 17:44
Cool I like it! can you edit your post so we see pictures:)

We could also form a mapmakers secret society that swears never to put a
Spitfire, La5, Zero or 109G2 on any of their maps ever again. And focus on crap plane maps based on obscure afternoon long battles in Matabeleland.

The game is after all called Forgotten Battles is it not?

Please Please please put a link in to this mission file it looks great.
Or a PM and we can arrange eMail transferrage.

Can we make this our next Locked Server Event map please :)

02-08-2007, 17:47
Cool I like it! can you edit your post so we see pictures:)

Yes sorry - I had originaly used a rather rude swear word as the filename and the forum censored them.:D

13-08-2007, 13:08

Can we make this our next Locked Server Event map please :)

So many planes......... and so little time........:D

Yellow 2
13-08-2007, 13:56
I take it that externals are disabled. :D

13-08-2007, 14:01
That looks a right laugh.:)

14-08-2007, 20:10