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05-08-2007, 11:24
The Mosquito has a reputation as a 'fair' weather aircraft which didnt stand up well to different climates like North Africa or in the Pacific. However while there is certainly some truth in this there were also a considerable number of Mosquitos used in Burma. There were different batches of Mosquitos constructed using different bonding methods. One of these actually stood up to damp climates very well.

It would be great to have our Mosquito FB VI and maybe even the AI bomber variant flying against some Japanese planes. Mid to Late war Zeros and Ki 43/61s would be the natural opposition.

The Mosquito would be a real performer against this opposition with the Japanese fighters only able to catch it in a dive, but their huge manuverability and climb advantage should render dogfighting in the Mosquito troublesome.

If we could slip it on to Burma 43 in limited numbers it would be suited or perhaps a new map with a nice and limited planeset?

Hurricane II B fighter bombers
Mosquito FB
Mosquito AI B


Ki 61

05-08-2007, 11:38
The Aussies license built the Mossie I think. So Aussie Mossies then?

How would Burma43 work out if it was the Mossie not the Beaufighter?

From a mappers point of view some of these mid-war Pacific maps are
an absolute sod to balance.

05-08-2007, 12:01
Firelok, I read a book out of the local library that mentioned the mossie in Burma. I've had a tough time finding it on the internet though. Most stuff I have come across mention the usual structure problems with no mention of how different glued examples were fine. I wish I could remember the squadron or even the name of the glue. I keep wanting to say araldite lol.

Plane balance is a problem thats why I was thinking about a planeset excluding the Spitfire - harsh yes but it might make more people fly Blue.

The Mossie is faster than a Beau but much weaker both to enemy fighters and AAA while it doesnt have rockets either so I think there would be a similar balance whether you have a Mosquito FB or a Beaufighter. On Biscay people seem to favour the Beau over it because of its DM.

maybe it isnt suitable to replace the Beaufighter given that the Beau did the majority of the work and Im having trouble sourcing the Mossie's exact when and whereabouts.

05-08-2007, 12:10
Firelok you're in luck then as the first mossies appeared over SE asia around early 1945, maybe a few photorecces flew before that but in general mossies appeared to replace beaufighters in the strike fighter role.

According to This here (http://www.defence.gov.au/Raaf/raafmuseum/research/aircraft/series2/A52.htm) RAAF only had PR mossies operating during the war and that was during the last months of it.

05-08-2007, 12:59
I read that the FB VI was used in Burma before then but cant get any sources to support that online.

I'll have to wait until I go to my gfriends house because thats where I left the book - it definitely was the Aussie FB version but it may well have been formed in 44 operating out of Borneo

If its on a 45 map that would be ok too, P47 D27 to act as Thundebolt IIs and were off. It does kind of put a dampener on the Mosquitos performance however given that as usual its hamstrung by being an early variant and the J2M3 and Ki 84 will beat 7 shades of glue out of it.

There was also around 27 Mosquitos embarked on RN aircraft carriers to raid Japan which was scuppered by the War ending iirc