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11-08-2007, 14:06
Hi -
I recently experienced being destroyed by the terrain after landing normally on a black landing strip and then taxiing over to the side. It seems there was a (undetected) difference in heighth between the strip and the neighboring terrain at the point I crossed off the strip. Not being aware, I moved onto it and was killed/destroyed instantly. The same thing happened on another map with a gray landing strip.

My suggestion is - if it is not allowed to taxi off the strip, can obstacles be placed along these edges so that the players get an idea that they shouldn't taxi off the strip there ? By obstacles I mean fences or bushes or something similar. Even if in reality they are not a hindrance at least seeing them there would be a hint that that is an area where planes have not been.

I think the maps where I got destroyed was the Japanese/Russian 45 one where the Russian player spawns in the air and attacks the Jap harbor, and the other was the Eastern Front 1941/42 one where it is sunrise/sunset along a snow-covered coast, and the sky is mostly red with mist everywhere and the ocean is green - very pretty. They were great scenarios, by the way !

11-08-2007, 14:42
Your the first fella I ever heard taxi off the Test Runway strip, it made laugh:D
I usually end up over there because I slewed on take off and crashed off the edge.

Tell you what just bring plane to a stop and hit refly, we aren't too bothered about the 'taxi back to your allocated parking zone.';)

11-08-2007, 18:40
The landing strip definately is about half a meter higher than the surrounding area. And you explode just for the same reason why you can't roll over bridges, land the Lerche on rooftops, etc.

11-08-2007, 19:59
I moved over to the side cuz another plane was coming in. It looked just like a harmless stretch of sand / snow.

Now that it's happened to me, I already know that the best thing is to just stop the plane on the runway (to heck with incoming planes?). But I was thinking of the newer players who still haven't found out about this yet. It's kind of a bummer for us newbies to survive a combat sortie only to blow up while taxiing after landing.

I don't know how much of pain it is to add this feature, it was just a suggestion.

16-08-2007, 16:32
Best thing is to hit refly as soon as possible.

16-08-2007, 18:19
Yep - the more people meandering about landing strips, the more accidents we have. In motor racing, they say 'keep it on the black stuff' - its quite the opposite for planes :)

16-08-2007, 18:34
Or you can sit on the strip then flash your lights 3 times and you get valé parking. it's truly amazing ;)

or just roll out, stop and hit refly.. it's hard to lower the runway a few inches or make ramps for it so we can get off safely.
same as the rabbit holes you can encounter next to a grass runway that throw your plane in the air like it is made out of paper..