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15-08-2007, 00:04

I just had a thought....

If the game server can give the grid square co-ords for an event, such as a plane crashing, - which usually results in message like - " red team loosing planes in D5 "......

.....can it be programmed to flag-up the presence of an enemy plane in a particular grid square, regardless of altitude?

Giving a message like - " enemy planes sighted in E4 ".

15-08-2007, 00:07
There used to be a recon command, but I don't know if it ever was properly integrated.

15-08-2007, 14:22
As far as I understand it both FBD and SC work by monitoring the event log output of the server. The event log is a text file that lists things like planes spawning, taking off, landing, being shot down etc. So basically, no you can't get it to report the presence of planes in a particular grid like an early warning system (would be cool if you could though).

The recon air and recon ground commands in server commander report the most recent activity, i.e. recon air tells you where the last plane was shot down.

15-08-2007, 14:43
That is only partly possible cause the eventlog shows only events not current state . There is however a sporadic in flight event but it can hardly be used to give actual positions all the time.

From my old eventlog parser this 2 events (coop and df) show plane positions.

flgt1={time} {0}:Planetype in flight at xxx yyy
flgt2=time {0} in flight at xxx yyy

30-08-2007, 16:52
In .mis files' [MAIN] section there is a number next to 'Army', which is 1 by default (at least in my maps). I never had a problem before in FBD with it but in IronCurtain map which I'm currently using as a template, it is set to 2. Now what exactly does it do? Shall I set this number to 2 as well?

By the way can we make this thread sticky so that people can ask what's on their minds about the subject, without starting a new thread everytime?..

30-08-2007, 18:31
It certainly doesn't seem to affect things, I wonder if this is because IronCurtain has unusual sides, RAF/USAAF vs VVS ?
I wouldn't even know how to edit this number TBO, what does it govern?
It can't be number of sides on a map. Perhaps it's default starting side? In which case it wont effect a dogfight map. If Icefire doesn't respond here, perhaps you should PM him Boka?

I think looking a some campaign/single player maps might shed some light on this mystery.
The default Luftwaffe single mission files are army 2 and the default RAF ones are army 1.

30-08-2007, 18:44

Thanks for the answer Firelok :)