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23-08-2007, 14:48

I like the fact that briefings for red and blue can only be read after team selection is made in FBDaemon.

Is it possible to do the same in Server Commander?

23-08-2007, 15:18
It's a feature in the game itself, so yes.

23-08-2007, 15:20
Last year when we were sorting out UK2 we decided to get rid of this feature as it's totally pointless and involves making briefs three times the length. We also opted to abandon the 'Gung-Ho' type briefs for something more sensible.

Why is it totally pointless? I'm, hearing you ask. Server Commander only has one <targets command that shows what you have to destroy and what you have to protect.

It's entirely possible to use the <ARMY/RED> <ARMY/BLUE> codes as this is part of the properties files functionality not anything to do with SC or FBD.

If you haven't got access to an example of a standard UKD3 brief here is one below...

Name Bulge
Short Short Welcome to UK Dedicated 3 hosted by www.battle-fields.com\nAdmins wear [BFs] tags, please follow their instructions at all times\nFull server rules are found at the bottom of the page - Please read the mission brief before flying.\n
Description Welcome to UK Dedicated 3 hosted by www.battle-fields.com\n\nAdmins wear [BFs] tags, please follow their instructions at all times\nFull server rules are found at the bottom of the page - Please read the mission brief before flying\n----------------\n\nMission:Bulge.\nOverview:\nDecember 16th 1944, the Germans started one last strategic offensive on the Western Front. Their goal was to force the Western Allies into a seperate armistice, that would allow Germany to focus solely on the Eastern Front. Though short on supplies, the Germans caught the Allies by surprise and initially gained considerable ground. The fierce fighting took place in the Ardennes mountains and became know as the Battle of the Bulge.\n--------------------\n\nMission Objectives:\n\nThe REDS attack must destroy:-\n90% of the Panzers in (C3)\n70% of the Panzers in (D3)\n60% of the Panzers in (E3)\n\nThe BLUES attack must destroy:-\n75% of the Supplies in (A3)\n50% of the Supplies in (B3)\n75% of the Supplies in (C4)\n\nUse the static cameras for recon.\n\n---------------\nMarkings:\nRed side is US or RAF, Blue side is German.\nThis is an historical missions Server and players are expected to show the correct markings for every scenario.\n----------------\n\n
If you wish to provide general comments, map feedback or join the active UK-D community why not visit the forum @ http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre. You can also support this server by joining the Battle-fields Server Syndicate (members shown by [BFs] tag) or making a PayPal donation at the B-F Store http://www.battle-fields.com/BFstore.htm.\n\nHelp:\nWarning points will be added for destroying freindlies and selecting illegal loadouts or using planes that are NO longer \navailable due to limited numbers.\nPlayers with an excess of warning points (100pts+) will be automatically kicked or even banned. \n\nUseful chat <commands :-\n\n<help ~ gives a list of commands.\n<planes ~ shows the limited planes, their remaining numbers and Locked weaponry.\n<targets ~ shows both sides objectives.\n<warn ~ Your current warning level.\n\n----------------\nTeamspeak server:\n\nThere is a teamspeak server available. You can find the IP in our forums or wait until it flashes past in the chat.\n\n--- Server Rules ---\n-Swearing or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated\n-We run historically based missions - Please use correct markings\n-Keep the teams even - New comers please check numbers before flying\n-Deliberate team killers will be banned\n-Do not cut in, steal kills, shoulder shoot, deliberately ram or shoot chutes\n-Do not attack aircraft who are clearly landing at a designated base as they cannot defend themselves - However if you try to land whilst already engaged you are still a valid target\n-No vulching with guns - Bombs and Rockets are ok\n-Do not camp over the enemy base - Cover your targets instead\n-Please play fairly and be respectful to other players - good manners are expected at all times\n-No loitering on the server - Please disconnect if you have to go AFK\n-Any incidents not covered by these rules will be dealt with by the admins present - Their decision is to be considered final\n-Have fun!\n

Pasting this over your properties file should give a working brief layout, just change the Name; Overview; Targets and Markings info.

23-08-2007, 16:25
involves making briefs three times the length.

Also the updating process to make even a small change to all the briefings is a rather long, repetitve strain injury inducing process!