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12-11-2007, 16:44
Can I make a large area for planes to spawn into like we have in larger homebases?

If I use test runway1, for example, and attach a homebase to it and several players spawn into it - will they spawn on top of each other? I can't test this to find out!

Ideally I would like a concrete area for planes to spawn onto with runways butted up to it so that planes can taxi a short distance and select any runway.

I have tried 4 test runway1's but cannot tell if players will all spawn onto the runway that the homebase attaches itself to, even if there is no room!

Any light on the subject at all would be helpful.



12-11-2007, 16:48
Place the testrunways side by side. The homebase should ideally be set on the middle runway and its radius should include all runways. That way all planes will spawn on a free spawn point on any of the runways.

12-11-2007, 17:02
Thanks Zorin - still learning - hopefully fast!

I really should have thought that one out :o



12-11-2007, 18:11

Don't forget that the circle defines the spawning area of the homebase, adjust the slider to your requirements.

12-11-2007, 18:15
Radius is the term we map makers prefer to use Blade, instead of circle, just like I did :p

13-11-2007, 03:46
Even if you put a large radius on a single testrunway ,loads of aircraft will spawn there but mostly in the air. Also even if you have six or seven testrunways next to each other and a homebase radius attached to the middle one, it still might make airstarts.