View Full Version : Minimum safe distance?

14-11-2007, 13:26
Just fishing for general opinion as to what is the minimum usuable separation for opposing airfields, With each map grid being about 10km.

14-11-2007, 19:46
Additionally to what JtD said, it heavily depends on the speed of the fastest plane, too.

My rule of thumb goes something like 2 grids to the border, another two to the enemy base. I have never made a mission like this, though.

14-11-2007, 19:52
In the maps I've made, I've tried to keep a minimum of 25 km between bases. 1) It allows for a "clear" area to scrum in, free of AAA. 2) The fight is less likely to end up as a base camping party. 3) If you have the right distance between bases, and the fight does end up over a base, eventually fighter activity and AAA will dwindle the numbers sufficiently to correct the situation. If the bases are too close together, then sometimes reinforcements can keep arriving to keep the one side down.

17-11-2007, 00:59
I'd say:

1939-41: 3x3
1942-43: 4x4
1944-46: 5x5

with the airfields at the outer edges.