View Full Version : How do I get my plane attacked!!!

31-12-2007, 00:50
Hi Guys
Offline, how do I get my plane to be attacked by another 1 or more planes? I've tried my plane as plane 1 and given it a start and a waypoint. Ive given another plane a start and a waypoint and then set target to the second waypoint of my plane - no joy. Running it from FMB via play.

Any ideas welcome.



31-12-2007, 04:14
Well they automatically attack each other if they are in range. The range thing is key. You can also set the target which is what it sounds like you did...this can be handy if you want a specific wing to go after some bombers.

I'm having trouble visualizing what your doing and whats going wrong...

Maybe you can post the .mis file contents here? Open up the .mis with Notepad and copy and paste here.

Yellow 2
31-12-2007, 09:02
From what I remember in FMB you set the final waypoint for the enemy aircraft to I think destroy then using the mouse drag the green line to your aircraft and it will snap into place and show your aircraft as the target. :)