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Chris Twee Wren
07-04-2008, 14:36
Hey from snowy cold UK...

Just a couple of map Q's.

1. Im doing a map using HMS Illustrious and seafires. The probolem is when I start the mission the seafire just explodes... Ive zoomed the map in and put the start waypoint onto the ship. When I change the start waypoint to a takeoff it moves it to the rear of the ship (like its accepted it as a start point) however when I start, the plane explodes?? Im using a stationary ship for the Illustrious, could that be the problem?

2. Also how do use Mistels and the japanese flying bomb in the map building. I cant seem to attach either to their mother a/craft...?

Cheers in advance,

Chris Kit Wren

07-04-2008, 14:47
1. Try setting the 'target' of the takeoff waypoint to the CV.

2. Dunno - but I think it may be a similar solution - try using the 'target' option in the waypoints.

Chris Twee Wren
07-04-2008, 14:56
yeah its weird....Im changing the waypoint to a take off and it adjusts the waypoints position to the rear of the carrier like its ok and its accepted the carrier as an airfield or take off position. clarify target the carrier please...?

07-04-2008, 15:06
It's actually both in the Pacific Fighters manual, which should be included in '46.
To attach one airplane to another (e.g. Ohka flying bomb and G4M):
- Set waypoints for G4M
- Set one single waypoint for Ohka nearby the first waypoint of the G4M
- Select Ohka's waypoint, click on 'set target' and select the G4M's first waypoint
- Don't make any other waypoint for the Ohka.

I think that set target thing becomes visible in the object viewer when you select a waypoint.

07-04-2008, 15:54
As major says, go to waypoint tab in object viewer and select the "Target"
button. Drag the little green gunsight thingy over to the carrier (the label
will show up) and click it. The name of the ship should show up in the object
viewer just under the "Target" button.

You can't set a Mistel combo for a ground start as the undercarriage of the Ju88
collapses and the whole thing goes pop.
You can get the bettys to take off, however when setting the Bettys ground
attack point (where they disengage the MXY) make sure to leave plenty of
distance to the ships/target. About 40-50km IIRC is plenty for them to sort out
their approach.

When you set the Betty's target (say a ship) and have a group of 4 bombers
and therefore 4 MXYs then it's always prudent to set a secondary ground
attack point on another ship if possible. If the primary target is destroyed by
the first 2 hits, then the remaining 2 will just fly around until the flak gets
them or they fly into the sea. You could try a big raid with quite a few ships
and make the primary target of one flight, the secondary target of the next
and so on.

07-04-2008, 16:37


Your problem may be that you haven't set the carrier and the plane to the same team.

i.e. Red or Blue

Otherwise the carrier AA will attack you immediately, hence the reason for your instant explosion.



Chris Twee Wren
07-04-2008, 16:57
Cheers guys love you boys!!!

Chris Twee Wren
07-04-2008, 23:26
Problem with Ohka...above all works well, however when Ohka launches it just follows waypoints of mother plane and doest attack target...

Chris Twee Wren
08-04-2008, 10:15
Still having probs with this attaching a/craft business. Ive got the Ohka just about right now. The mistel is a toughy. You have to attach (in the manner described above and in the manual) the 190 to the 88 (mistels) However when I start the game they are attached but begin to spiral and dive into a crash. Ive played with alt and speed settings for the starting points and waypoints but cant get over this problem...

08-04-2008, 10:21
As it says in Fullmissionbuilder.com (http://www.il2-fullmissionbuilder.com/mistel.html) AI can't fly a mistel combo.

Chris Twee Wren
08-04-2008, 11:46
That will be it then...thanks Algore.

08-04-2008, 12:22
It's worth noting that in the Single/DE folder there is an FW190F8(Mistel) mission that can be edited in FMB for any pointers you need as to how to get it working. I'm assuming you've played it, if not have a go it's great fun.