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30-04-2008, 16:34
I am sorry. It might seem I am too ambitious. Although it was not until today that I made my first post in this forum I allready come up with a map suggestion - and it is possible someone had the idea before.
Anyway, the interesting thing about the Negev map is that you can see battles between planes that are not possible anywhere else (like spit vs. spit etc.). I have to admit that I don´t have any clue about mapmaking, but would it be possible to make a map about the "Berliner Luftbrücke" (sorry I don´t know the english term, but it would be about the succesfull supply of western berlin with food etc. by the western allies in 1948)?
If so, we would be able to see battles between the latest allied and russian planes, in a "what if"-scenario, that is. So, what if anything had geone wrong?
The russians would be defensive, while British and American planes try to protect the "Rosinenbomber" (thats roughly "raisin - bombers", a german nickname for the american and british supply planes that flew to Berlin.) So far, I did not do any research, but I´am quite confident that the planes used by both sides at that time were not that far away from the possibilities Il2 offers.
After all, it is just a suggestion.

The enlish word is berlin airlift.

30-04-2008, 16:50
It's an interesting idea. Unfortunately I can't see how it would work with the transport planes. There is no way of scoring supply drops etc., and also there is a bug with Server Commander where paratroops and cargo have unlimited 'ammo' .

We do have a map set in 1945 which pits the western allies against the USSR: Iron Curtain (http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showpost.php?p=167111&postcount=40)

30-04-2008, 17:21
I am sorry, I never saw this map before. Everytime I fly here (which is everytime i use Il 2 by the way, this is by far the best servers I have seen so far, cheerio) it is either eastern front (dd2) or okinawa or somewhere else in Japan (dd1). Well I am shot down very soon anyway, but this is a different matter.
Now about those cargo planes: If landing safely behind enemy
lines does not do any good considering countable points, perhaps it would be possible to arrange some very soft russian ground targets on an airfield in berlin and count their destruction as supply delivery? Ok, using the B25 or a20 with those parafragbombs as a substitute for C47 or even C97 might stretch the thing a bit to far but still it might be something different from La5 vs 190.

30-04-2008, 17:27
Bugger, last post for today. It is my day off from university. Don´t want to molest anyone, just got carried away.

30-04-2008, 17:32
I am sorry, I never saw this map before.

That's ok, no need to apologise, we have a LOT of maps on UK2! :)

Strangely I had thought of doing something based on the Berlin Airlift and was thinking about it recently after reading a news article about Templehof. We have a monthly Server Supporters' night where we password one of the servers for a night and run maps with special rules. We have done all sorts of stuff - some air racing, a mission to rescue Mussolini from his mountain retreat, fantasy maps with seaplanes etc. So I was thinking maybe of doing a Berlin Airlift map for the Supporters' night anyway.

Perhaps you might consider joining? There is a small monthly contribution, the thread about it is here. (http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?t=10281)

01-05-2008, 01:10
Having written a full on research essay about the Berlin Airlift is part of the reason why I made the Iron Curtain map...plus I thought it'd be a bit of fun to play. The only issue is with the cargo planes which just isn't really possible to do with incentives...the game has no scoring for just flying point A to B with a specific plane unfortunately. Not in dogfight mode. It could be done in a COOP for sure...or I guess with a Dogfight mode where the scoring is based on a team objective and its all done with an organized group.

06-05-2008, 13:48
If something had gone wrong in 1948 you can bet the "Cargo" planes would start carrying HE if not primitive A-Bombs

06-05-2008, 17:51
Or you could do a 'what if' 1950 escalation of the cold war, USSR v US/UK. Mig9/ Yak15 vs P80.

06-05-2008, 18:13
Or you could do a 'what if' 1950 escalation of the cold war, USSR v US/UK. Mig9/ Yak15 vs P80.

We do have a Korean war map on ukded2.

06-05-2008, 19:48
We do have a Korean war map on ukded2.
Which is not in the cycle IIRC

06-05-2008, 20:22
Which is not in the cycle IIRC

It is in the cycle on UK2 (http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?t=10983). It might have been removed from the UK3 cycle I think.