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Well my friend , I don`t know you or your squad, and I very rarely admin on UK2 so i`m as impartial as your gonna get, but i`d say this if you want a reasonable answer post in a reasonable manner. If throughout the post you state you expect to get blasted and abused then the point of your post gets totally lost.

I have been flying on UK2 a bit recently and i`m sad to say i`m staggered by the lack of people with the ability to count, even with an admin present and teams badly out of shape, they still go blue, so I can sympathise with that.

If an admin has abused you, then feel free to post the trak mate, were not holier than holy and we do get annoyed every now and then, me included, but it can be a pain in the arse job which I can vouch for having spent 20 mins on the deck warning and kicking people whose ability to count stopped when they ran out of fingers.

Back to the topic, Sonko does the maps on UK2 ( I believe), a decent chap , I`m sure he`ll be along soon (or whoever is in charge) and will address your concerns.

11-10-2008, 17:26
here is a link to show p51 was flying in 42


and in response the p51 b i was flying couldn't out do anything... and believe me i know how to fly it!!!

the fact remains that i was out dived and caught up by a fw that started to chase me in a climb..(he was in the climb) 1000 mtrs below me
and when it caught me it took only 1 turn before it was on my tail, now i don't doubt you info but it sounds like its from real aircraft not the game version of it?

and the comments were made its possible he just sent them to me ,, so you couldent see them?
also for all of you that dont know me i,ve been flying this game for quite a while and are well aware that the p51 should be able to turn and out run the fw .. and also well aware of the lack of firepower in those .50 cals,

doeset change the facts that it was impossible to get away from the fw that seemed to do impossible things , including a dive at almost 850 kmh to catch me and then out turn me.

also as soon as finn went blue i typed <teams , it was 11 red 14 blue at that moment.

11-10-2008, 18:27
lol as i already said i was 1000 mtrs above and in front at flank speed of fw 190 who was climbing up. i started a shallow dive to gain airspeed to get away , 190 cought me at the said speed of around 850 kmh in about the space of 6 or 7 km's at that point he was right behind me so i pulled flaps and turned hard , in the space of 1 turn the fw had cut inside my turn and shot my plane with a single burst. i had 50 fuel, and am well aware of the capabilities of the p51b,and the fw 190 a6 ,

however it seems to be going the way i expected and its clearly my flying that is to blame and nothing else ,

so as far as i am concerend this thread is over...

ohh and i am sad that i ever thought that to comment on a possible flaw in a map could ever be resolved by posting in here.

please read these posts again, and look very carefully.
all the repllies state how bad a pilot i am and how right and correct the map was..

11-10-2008, 18:31
delete thead please ...

11-10-2008, 19:27
The map has a huge problem with historical accuracy but the planeset as it stands is a well balanced one. Different from you normal '44ish map as it lacks the british planes.

As for the situation you described it's impossible to tell what happened without viewing a track of it. In general JtD and smurf are absolutely right, if a p-51 gets outflown by a Fw 190 the pilot has made an error either in the way he fights or by misjudging the tactical situation.

12-10-2008, 00:31
I don't know but I too was there (P47) and every one was mostly in a FW190 and I couldn't get the advantage even from 5k, I couldn't even out run a FW190 or out dive it, they just kept getting at me and I was B&Zing, well trying, for some reason they just kept going faster and higher every time.

I was so disgusted with that map I left. :(

12-10-2008, 11:55
As did so many others who flew red.

as for looking at tracks of the battle... I for one don't record every flight i take. it takes up far too much memory on the hard drive and slows down even the fastest computer.

if a posting legend on your forum was disgusted with the map he left , maybe that tells you something?

this is a game it has faults, and sometimes historically accuracy is not always the best way to go.

not to mention that over time (even though no body complained about a map) some red planes on certain maps have been removed by admin, because they say it gave the red team an advantage over the blue team,
cant say i,ve seen that done the other way around.

Hastings map for example and the desert map (in each case a spitfire was removed) even though the 109's had the advantage in speed in the first place.

its also occurs to me that it is possible that on the anzio map set to checktime=0 flight model alterations work just fine.
i used to fly on uk ded 2 because it ran the checktime=2. now its just like skies of valour. only difference is that in SOV you know they cheat!

it is possible i suppose that some of the fw pilots were in modified planes.?
hence the problem. running checktime=0 you just cant tell anymore.

12-10-2008, 12:15
On Uk3 we had a similar planeset to this and similar perceived problems, we evened it up by removing the D22 and replacing it with the D27 or D model, it worked well.

As for the regular leaving, i`d take that with a pinch of salt, there isn`t a map where he hasn`t left in disgust, despite the deciding factor being the other guys better handling of the aircraft and situation. It`s easy to blame a planeset when your own error has got you shot down, on the other hand it sure beats shouting "its time to crash" and deliberately smashing the plane into the deck to kill yourself, which is another of said individuals tricks.

I don`t doubt you have some reasonable complaints, but there`s ways to address them that are far superior to the finger pointing and self pity you`ve employed here.

12-10-2008, 12:18
Nothing has been done to Hastings as far as i know nor do i recall a desert map being robbed of it's spits.

Yes, cheating, must be. I mean may be he was zooming up back to altitude when he spotted you and had superior energy despite the altitude difference and just maybe you had your radiator open and trim a little off and he was frying his engine, but must probable explanation has to be that he must've be cheating.

12-10-2008, 12:39
there is no self pitty,

all i want to achive is a fair game with equal chance on both sides,

if you read or watch books or programs , the p51 and p47 pilots had no doupt that there guns were VERY good in taking down there prey with little difficulty, be it a fw or 109 of any age. that in itsself is a good reason to add a newer version of both planes to even up the chances of even a novice pilot scoring a kill.(to allow for the inaccuacy of the .50 cal guns on both p51 and p47.)
also dont forget that oleg never moddeled the fuel tank configs into the game where the pilot empied the fuel into the right tanks for combat,(this was a must to give the p51 the right handleing)
not a problem for the german fighters .nor is the efectiveness of its guns.

14-10-2008, 09:48
Hi Scorpion.

There usually is always one side that has the better BnZ planes, whereas the other side usually has the better TnB planes or better planes for ground attack.

On this map I rarely fly the p51, I'd rather fly the p39 which is far more agile and has better armament than the p51 and is a real focke killer.

Just remember, that the maps aren't based on pure dogfight, they mostly have a second mission goal, ground targets, which is much easier to achieve than downing 80 planes.

And the landscape is much nicer down there, and there you'll meet even more enemy planes.