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22-11-2009, 08:54
After watching some guncam footage I've been thinking of a ME262 vs B17 map.

As we have already a map with B17's which could do some refresh I thought I might introduce the ME262 here, limited to two flyable at a time to keep the balance a bit.

I'll also rearrange the targets eventually, or better, adding another one for each team, we'll see how that will fit here.

22-11-2009, 21:26

With the new version Luftwaffe will have two ME262 at a time available, they spawn at an airfield further east, a few km behind the blue airstarts. There also spawns the FW190D and Ta152H, the latter being available at that particular ground start base only.

For reds I have created another target 10km north of the target airfield, some artillery with Stugs and Panther tanks and also with quite some lighter cars and trucks to shoot at.

Blues have a second objective now too, advancing Sherman tanks and M16 halftracks on their way to German territory. Close to that scene is a derailed German supply train which is no official target though.

I'll upload it in the next days or maybe even today, lets test it then and see how it works with that jet and the new targets.

23-11-2009, 13:17
This was just added, it replaces the older Dortmund mission, it is called Dortmund2

14-12-2009, 21:20
I've played this twice (from both sides once) now and have to say I enjoy the changes made. The Me-262 isn't completely dominating the field, thanks to being limited in number and having to start from sea level, but on the other hand is a very serious threat to the B-17s.
The new target areas strech things out a bit, but I haven't seen how that behaves when the server is full, but I'm certain this tested-and-true method will contain the field camping.
Honorary mention for the not target-relevant train. In my opinion it adds to the overall atmosphere to have some ground troops around even where there are no targets, yet I see how that usually is a performance issue. With the relatively high combat on this map that hardly registers in, though.

14-12-2009, 21:42
Thank you very much for the feedback mate, it sounds all good to me so far, I really like to hear that :)

21-02-2011, 21:09
Red targets at the airfield seem to be shooting at something in the town nearby, I dunno what it is but I'm assuming it's blue coloured to make them angry :-)

21-02-2011, 21:58
Its a train car oaded with ammo, I put it there originally to destroy parts of the town. Seems like those train cars are harder to destroy now with the new patch.

19-03-2011, 19:36
FMB actually has a destroy objects brush that can ruin whole sweeps of a town with a mouse click.:)

I think it's nice that Dortmund has lasted the test of time and evolved. I'm quite suprised because it's so unusual with all the airstarts and it was kind of divisive in terms of opinion for a long time.

However, thanks to those lovely Team Daidalos people, it's possible now to do what I originally envisioned. Daylight High Altitude Bomber attack and defence over late-war occupied europe.

Look out for an updated Dortmund thread, I've already started work :D

20-03-2011, 09:47
Hi m8, the destruction brush works offline only, loading a map with destroyed objects on a MP server will get them repaired at once.

I'm also happy to see it still being there, I like the scenario too

20-03-2011, 10:31
Hi m8, the destruction brush works offline only, loading a map with destroyed objects on a MP server will get them repaired at once.

I'm also happy to see it still being there, I like the scenario too

Never knew that, the object destroyed lines in a .mis file can get really huge pages and pages of this...

Qng62 ++1
Png62 ++++7
Ong62 +++1
Nng62 ++
Mng62 ++
Lng62 3
Un032 7
Tn032 +
Sn032 +1
Rn032 ++f

not botherin with that again LoL

Direction,Speed and Height of Airstarts are the things that have got me interested in Dortmund 2.0 also I think it was the 2nd or 3rd map I ever did for Battle-Fields
, nostalgia ahh....

20-03-2011, 10:58
As I recal, destroying objects DOES work online, but all the destroyed objects in the Homebase circle are restored.