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30-06-2011, 17:28
No one can join the blue base.

30-06-2011, 18:19

16-07-2011, 21:41
Couple of comments (IMHO) on this one too.

- The bloody AI are kill stealers :) Probably best to remove them as I think it really screws things up and it keeps a lot of Red fighters over Red base fighting the FW190 AI that hang out there. And they stole my kill.
- In the one ship convoy there is a submarine and a warship... I sank the warship and the sub plowed straight into the ship and sank. Although I was rejoicing in this easy victory.. probably not the way it should work :)

EDIT: Sorry... my comments pertain to the UK-1 version of the map. Not sure if they were different. I did a search for the map and this thread came up.