View Full Version : BoS Missions Gumrack

21-03-2015, 18:43
Full mission with Stalingrad buildings, surrounding towns, subtitles, and artillery barrages added.
Mission is up on the server.
Comments, problems put 'em here please.

23-03-2015, 04:08
Well this weekend escaped without me being able to check this out but thanks for your hard work nonetheless Tip!

23-03-2015, 17:21
Played this 3 or 4 times this weekend, it is playing well, no drop in frame rates since buildings were introduced, its going well Tip, the most people we had on was Friday evening when i joined with the DBS guys. again it played well although one guy in the il2 had warping issues this was when we were all flying Stuka's. I think it was Thor and yourself who shot him down in the end.

02-04-2015, 04:24
A New streamlined version is now up on UK_1.
Removed some of the Targets in Stalingrad, along with some of the Depots so it's about 15% lighter.
But most of all installed Complex Triggers for many things which appears to of created a more stable mission all around.

06-04-2015, 23:27
New Version up now.
Map now has Mission "Win" Objectives installed in the GUI and Briefing.

Win conditions VVS:
Destroy 70% of Axis assets at Gumrak.
Meet any other 3 Objectives as identified on the Map.

Win Conditions Axis:
Meet any 5 Objectives as Identified on the Map.