View Full Version : BoS Missions Chirskaya

18-04-2015, 15:06
New mission put into rotation on both servers.

Mission utilizes AI Transport aircraft for one of the Objectives. As BoS is to get Ju-52s soon this is also a testing of how much load the AI puts upon the servers and players machines.

VVS Objectives:
Prevent Transports from landing at Base
Destroy Large Factory Complex
Destroy 3 Armored Columns

Axis Objectives:
Cover Inbound Transports
Destroy Supply Train
Destroy Train Station
Prevent Infantry Columns from reaching Transports Base

Problems, comments on mission...
Put 'em here Please

18-04-2015, 17:00
looking forward to this one, will try it out. :wink:

22-04-2015, 22:35
Mission now includes the new Ju-52 as the inbound transports.