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09-03-2004, 15:19
Do you want to try your hand at creating a mission for a FBDaemon server (perhaps UK-Dedicated!)? Well I've just made a quick search around the internet for guidance and come up with the following links which may be of use. I'm assuming that you have enough FMB knowledge to place blue and red airfields, AAA and stationary ground objects.

The Battle-fields.com Dogfight Map Creation Guide (http://www.battle-fields.com/article.php?artid=82)

Official FBD documentation (http://www.greatergreen.com/il2/fbd2/fbd2.htm#mission%20parameters)
Fresian's IL2FB & FBDaemon Guide (http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/fresian/)
FBDScriptWriter (http://studio.ma.cx/il-2/scriptedit/index.php) A fantastic web-based tool for quickly and easily generating the .properties file in the format required by FBD. You'll need to remember how many ground targets each side has however!

Looking at these links myself I've learnt that seperate briefs can be created for each side. I think I might look at adjusting the current briefs to feature this later this week :)


If you're interested in creating a map for UK-Dedicated I'll get the admins to decide on a standard briefing template/format and then post it back here.


Valid map submissions should be sent to il2maps@il2hq.com

09-03-2004, 17:29

Thanks for the links. I've scan read them (so probably have not got the full picture) but have a couple of questions/reservations:

a. I'm still not sure how these scripts "fit together" - maybe I need to read to a greater depth. From the little I have read, though, am I to understand that:

i. I need to create a scenario map using the FMB and to specify the airfields used by either side (I don't know how to do this bit - there will be no player or AI objects placed so is it something to do with the 'home base setting'???)

ii. I need to show the front line to enable the 'pilot captured' features.

iii. I need to place STATIC objects remembering how many of which there were on the map.

iv. I save the map.

v. Remembering the numbers from iii, I use the web based tool to create some mission descriptions, remembering to assign pilots/planes/vehicles to either side/setting time limit etc.

vi. I send the map and the mission script to you to check on the server.

b. Assuming that I got part a right, is there a way for me to test the mission *locally* before I send it on to you AND without me having to install the server daemon?


09-03-2004, 17:45
This is all off the top of my head as I've lost my IL2FB installation :(

To assign airbases in the FMB select 'Home Base' in the objects window. Click 'Properties' and assign the airbase to either RED or BLUE. There should also be another tab which allows you to define what aircraft are available at that airbase. Now holding 'Ctrl' left click on the map near your desired location.

Static ground objects and AAA are easier to deal with. Just select them from the list and holding 'Ctrl' left click exactly where you want them. Front markers are much the same although, like the airbase, you need to specify either RED or BLUE.

You can zoom in on the map using the left vertical sliding bar in the main window. Once place you can drag objects around.

For the script you need to know how many cars, tanks, AAA etc you want destroyed to complete an objective. You don't have to enter exactly how many of each objects you have placed.

Example. I have placed 8 Blue tanks but only want the Red to destroy 6 to win. I enter 6 in the Blue side's tank box.

You also need to decide whether you want multiple objectives to be met before the map ends. This might be destroying just the tanks, or tanks and cars, or tanks, cars and enemy pilots/planes (which ever is smaller of the latter two). There always has to be one objective to be met. If no ground objects have been placed/or haven't been destroyed but the pilots/planes run out then the mission will end. If you want a side to destroy all the tanks and then deal with the pilots/planes set the objectives to two.

You won't be able to test the FBD script but you can check the basic dogfight map by hosting your own LAN server. Once done just send us the two files (.MIS and .PROPERTIES) and we'll check the FBD script.

Hopefully this has cleared up some of your questions but I have just banged this out in 5 mins! Right I've got some uni project to catch up on.... :rolleyes:

19-03-2004, 14:13
How are things going for those looking at creating new maps? Obviously with AEP released today we'll be looking at updating the server as soon as the software is released, and it'll be nice to have some of the new aircraft featured. I'm still very busy for another week so probably wouldn't be able to come up with anything and fix those problems with the current maps.

15-04-2004, 08:23
Howdo all :) Just a gentle bump/headsup to announce that the Battle-fields.com Dogfight Map Creation Guide (http://www.battle-fields.com/article.php?artid=82) has been posted. I'll welcome feedback from experiences and novice map makers about the accuracy and the way the content is covered.

You may also notice the submission requirements for UK-DEDICATED maps are included at the end.

15-04-2004, 20:18
I could'nt have made anything like that !!!!

I am less than a Novice at map making :( and always seen it as impossible or too daunting for me to try.

I have read various parts of your guide, and although my limited knowledge and ability does not let me understand everything, I think it is good and helpful guide, which least helps me understand some of the difficulties in making them, and the work they require :D.

It looks very impressive :D

Bone Head
15-04-2004, 23:41
Only way to learn is have a go!

Thats how I learnt how all the bits work. I have to say I think vetas briefings are better than some of the ones in the game!

05-09-2004, 12:01
Folks here might be interested to know that I've updated our map making guide (http://www.battle-fields.com/article.php?artid=82). Screenshots and names of all the IL2:FB and AEP maps are present along with what is, I hope, a more clearer explaination of FBD code.

Would be nice to have a few more community made maps ;)

05-09-2004, 13:23
The guide is much more informative and the new pictures make it much more interesting!.

I hope you don't think I am being rude, but I think Battlefields should be listed as a fan site on the officail Ubi website ?
I have only just realised that you are not listed as a squadron or fansite on the Official Forgotten Battles Homepage, this may mean a lot of people are not viewing this very nice place :).

I visit the official site almost as often as I visit here, Ubi have just undergone updating the squadron lists and fansites, and I think "ExtremeOne" is the person you would need to contact for inclusion.

I am not sure if you have to pay or if it's free, but I think battlefields should be on it :)


06-09-2004, 19:40
Thanks for the comments Yum Yum, I only hope it helps me find a few willing map making volunteers. As for getting listed on the official site, it is worth a try. I'm a little uncertain if we'd qualify as we aren't exclusively IL2:FB focused but I'll inquire sometime this week.

06-09-2004, 21:57
It's worth a try :cool:

23-09-2004, 14:13

I remember reading about limiting the number of players in an airfield. Any ideas about how this is made?

This will help to keep the teams balanced, and also encourage people to follow mission objectives.


23-09-2004, 15:12
Under the properties tab for your selected Home Base there is a slider. Draw this slider to the left and the circle surrounding your base shrinks. Draw it to the right and the circle expands. I believe this circle defines the area within which aircraft can spawn, so to limit aircraft you will want to shrink it. Unfortunately it isn't flexible enough to be really useful. Even at the minimum setting I'm sure many airfields will allow 6+ aircraft to spawn there.

23-09-2004, 15:46
Not pretty useful. You have to guess for allowing, lets say 10 players in an airfield, right? And there are different sized airfields also...

26-09-2004, 15:28
I think the game realises the AAA trucks as AAA, not cars. Is this true? If it is, the fbd code in the maps i made need to be tweaked. I don't remember which ones i put AAA trucks. I ' ll change them and send them again, if wha i assume is true.

22-10-2004, 05:09
I have a few home made maps, but they are REALLY simple.
Long time ago when I started to play IL2.
First I made just traffic circuit map ;), then I added some cars, planes, ships and so on.
Then I added some enemys, more friendy planes and ground targets.
So finally it was like s single mission with enemy bombers, float planes and lots of AAA :mp5: and other stuff.
Hard thing was to make all "triggers" work, I mean enough enemy planes down mission won and friendly targets destroyed mission lost.

What my point is I could try to make a map for PF. Dont expect too much.
First I have to read all following tips about map making for multiplayers.
And I dont know is there a difference do I use PF or AEP+PF to make the map. I just installed PF stand alone yesterday, because I want to fly on your server.
I think UKded. will use AEP+PF when dedicated server is out?
I will buy enough beer today and I try to do something. :D

22-10-2004, 07:53
hello levola

I think concerning PF you did the right thing

two separate install

we will probably keep the FB AEP on one serveur and PF on another one ,
but its up to master admn to decide.

how are the carrier ops on PF is it this good???

I still havent my copy :wall:

12-12-2004, 16:27
The link to the FBD Script Writer is dead. What should we use in its place?

12-12-2004, 16:56
Unfortunately the FBD forum is down so I can't see if someone is hosting the program elsewhere. I have it on and can email you it if you want (0.98Mb).

TBH when you've got the hang of the FBD code you don't really need the program but it is a good place start and to see how it all works.

12-12-2004, 18:52
Yes please! E-mail away: icefire (at) 3dactionplanet (dot) com

(no spammer spiders for me!)

Whatever is the easiest method to get something ready for you guys. I just spent an hour or two building a Marianas Islands map with UK-Dedicated in mind and I think you'll like it so I want to prep it up and send it to you guys for evaluation. Make some modifications if necessary.

Then I'll make a few more when time permits! :)

13-12-2004, 04:48
Got the e-mail. Will spend some time working on it. May have to ask a ton of questions at some point. Be prepared...but you should have 2 or 3 scenarios by Christmas :D

15-12-2004, 20:52
Haven't forgotten about you guys yet. I'm still building a few scenarios and tidying things up before I send them in.

Got a few Pacific and one Western Front scenario so far. There will probably be an Eastern Front one just for fun before I'm done.

19-12-2004, 18:31
Another question...would you guys be against a 1946 scenario? I'm building a short campaign for the Ardennes map that is essentially YP-80 VS He-162/Me-262. It'd be mostly jets...with some prop fighters in as backup. So I figured, heck, I can make a scenario that is jet oriented.

You'd have a plane list like this:


Bf-190Z (maybe)

More jets in the Luftwaffes favor but the YP-80 is a match for any of them in my mind.

19-12-2004, 21:10
I like jets :) And I know some dont :( but I think if red side got planes from year -45, blues can have planes like 262 from -44.
And there is only one map with jets so I hope Admins wont remove it, and yes I have flown that map on red side too :D

19-12-2004, 21:21
Oh yes...thats the one with the La-7 3xb20 and Yak-3P vs D9's and Me-262's. Quite enjoyable for Blues :)

This would be better balanced.

I forgot about those. I will try building such a map and see how it works out. If you just can't fly a Jet, you'll still have ground pounding abilities.

20-12-2004, 00:40

I liked the map with the 262 on it; this plane flew and it's interesting to see what it can do when flown properly against the cream of the crop from the opposition (La7, Yak3 etc)

I also don't think it is invincible nor is it actually easy to shoot planes down with it but I can imagine that blue win that map more often than not.

I suppose it balances up the maps where blue has a 109F2 against those notoriously strong VVS DMs and the reds have guns that actually do something.


29-12-2004, 15:17
OK....three maps "complete". I'd like to send them in...have you guys evaluate and make comments before I submit another couple of maps that are in-progress.

I would like to point out that two of the three are PTO based ones (Objective Kyushu and Objective Marianas) that have the He-111 as a flyable plane which is a substitute (and necessary) until we have the G4M Betty as flyable (which is supposed to be soon). Also, Objective_Bulge (Battle of the Bulge) can be modified later to include more Allied aircraft if that ever happens :)

So who shall I e-mail to?

Bone Head
29-12-2004, 18:36
Me I guess, although im not sure how ill fit them in the cycle Veta has alwasy done that of late :)

01-02-2005, 08:47

I made some maps, but i dont know how to get that FBD components work.
I dont have FBD and i cant download from site below. Do you know where i can find it.

Other solution. i may send maps to someone who know how to deal with FBD and he end map.

I found nice site http://www.airwarfare.com/Sims/IL2/il2_essential_files.htm


01-02-2005, 12:13
You don't need to download FBD, it is only required by the online host. Are you're having difficulty understanding how the FBD code, inserted in your map's .properties file works?

Give us an example of what objective you have in your map and I'm sure someone here can show you want the code should look like.

01-02-2005, 14:21
Well i dont know where type that code.

I want to make some maps for UKD.

Example to complete targets u need destroy 20 tanks and 30 cars.

Or maybe i will send someone map and he will enter that FBD components.

01-02-2005, 15:09
Well i dont know where type that code.

I want to make some maps for UKD.

Example to complete targets u need destroy 20 tanks and 30 cars.

Or maybe i will send someone map and he will enter that FBD components.
I can e-mail you with information on how to setup the FBD code stuff. Its really quite easy once you know what everything does. You can do it right in the games FMB.

PM me and I'll set you up with what you need to know! :)

01-02-2005, 15:38
Well i dont know where type that code."The FBD code must be included as a single line at the end of the ‘.properties’ file, basically your briefing". You can enter the code at the bottom of the briefing window in the Full Mission Editor, or open the mission's .properties file using Notepad.

You can see how FBD code is used in the map making guide (http://www.battle-fields.com/article.php?artid=82#fbd_components) I knocked together a while ago. Alternatively download this example of a .properties mission file. In this particular example the red side has 95 aircraft and 120 pilots, blues have 65 aircraft and 80 pilots. The red side owns 12 wagons and 14 tanks, blues have 10 tanks, 8 artillery pieces.

For the blue side to complete their ground objectives they must destroy 2 ground target categories. As only two categories have been given values this means the blues must destroy 12 wagons and 14 tanks. The red side completes its objectives if it destroys 10 tanks and 8 pieces of artillery.

If the number of objectives (highlighted red) was changed to 1 for one side (e.g. Red=95:120:12:0:14:0:0:0:1=Objective_BoBred.mis) then, in this case, the blues only need to destroy 12 wagons or 14 tanks. Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion.

30-03-2005, 15:59
A "crap" plane map.
I think that I could try to make map with really early war planes.

Gladiator, maybe I-153, P-11 and Italian biplane.
I could add some other planes too, like Fiat.
I made one single player map where Gladiators was defending their carrier :eek: . I was nice to land on a carrier with Gladiator, but it could be harde when carrier is not moving.

30-03-2005, 18:10
I mase that map and sended to Veta

12-07-2005, 16:54
Oh yes...thats the one with the La-7 3xb20 and Yak-3P vs D9's and Me-262's. Quite enjoyable for Blues :)

This would be better balanced.

I forgot about those. I will try building such a map and see how it works out. If you just can't fly a Jet, you'll still have ground pounding abilities.

Plus one to this!! Especially since four point oh is out.
Indeed. The hot P-51's and the uber spit on red/ 262 and a couple late great 109/190's

looking forward to it.

13-01-2006, 12:19
Jtd. i wanted to make base on road i put home base ther but when i want to test in multiplayer that base is gone even i select side planes etc.

13-01-2006, 15:50
Have you tried to restrict the spawn area? I know I've heavily reduced the spawn area in the past, so much so that the base wasn't there when I tested it! I assume you're using the invisible runway object to set your base?

18-01-2007, 18:27
Lots of the FBDaemon links here are 404 dead links when I've gone looking for info into the mysteries of FBD

21-01-2007, 18:05
FBD2 link: http://www.greatergreen.com/fbd2/

When I can find the others I'll post 'em :)

14-03-2011, 00:36
Hello, I'm new to this ste but have been playing IL-2 for about 5 years now.Some of you may have seen my in the skies from time to time. I started out building strickly co-ops but since the 4.101 I have converted alot of my co-ops to dog fight maps. I've spent so many hours building these and I think people will enjoy them so I joined this site because I'd like to see em in action. I make historical and fictional missions. I'm not sure how to set up cetain things like objectives and targets left before a mission will end and stuff like that but I figured some guy at the other end might be able to help with that.Idk that's why I'm here. So do you guys ever run fictional missions? (I don't mean crazy would never happen kinda things,there definitley something that could have been) and I guess I should send my maps to 3dactionplanet for review.Anyway thx 4 your time

14-03-2011, 00:48
Welcome to the forums!

We're always looking at new maps and if you have a look at the forums for the different servers you'll see quite a bit of activity. Map making is not an easy thing to do successfully but through careful consideration and quite a bit of team effort I think we have a pretty solid list right now. My suggestion to you is start with one map and before you get to the FBDj programming part of things you post the name of your map in the appropriate server area, along with screen captures from the map and details like the type of targets and the plane set.

A few of us have been at this for long enough that we know what will work and what typically won't. Sometimes it's a guessing game but we've seen quite a bit :)

As for historical versus non-historical... we do mostly historically inspired maps. Research of the events, plane sets, typical targets and layout of the map is key. Nothing is 100% accurate and let's be honest, fitting a action oriented dogfight map isn't exactly historically accurate to begin with, but we go for that air of authenticity that helps make the experience more enjoyable. Not every scenario is historical... I've done a scenario called Kiev 1946 which uses some of the jets and what-if types from the game. It's a fun exercise but I did look at the battle lines for the Kiev region during the actual war to get a sense of what I should be building.

So welcome! And post a map along with the details for discussion and we'll start there!

P.S. Look in any of the map forums to see what we post and talk about to serve as a guide.

P.P.S. Don't send to that e-mail... it's been out of commission since 2006 or thereabouts (notice the post date is 2004 :)).

14-03-2011, 00:49
We do, to a certain extant, host fictional missions. So yes, your work is of course welcome. Just post an example mission in the UKded1 or UKded2 map making section and we will take it from there :)