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  1. Hi,
    It`s not too diffcult, but you will have to create an FBDj file for each mission, basically you open the FBDj console (ie fire up FBDj), then use the mission builder tab, highlight the .mis file of the mission you want to create an FBDj file for and fill in all the relevant parameters. A lot of these can be entered in FMB , but you can do them via FBDj as well, plane limits etc. How many maps do you have?, for me to do it i`ll need remote access to your server, it`ll be a real pita for me to talk you through it, I could set up a cycle and get it running in a couple of hours if I have remote access.
  2. S! sir
    i have talked with OttO and he informed me that you may be able to help set up the FBDJ server for our squad,the 214th Dedicated, I am unfamiliar with the set process and would like for someone to do remote hosting to get it up and operational, at the time being we are using server commander and it is a bit buggy,

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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