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Thread: Map suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphin View Post
    Thinking of doing a scenario based around the Battle of Singapore.
    Red would be RAF with the following aircraft: Buffalo Mk1, Hurricane I(or IIa, whichever can carry bombs), and peraps AI flyable Blenheims/Beauforts. (Does anybody with SAS know if these are on there in good shape to fly)
    Blue would be IJN/IJA with the following: Ki-27's, Ki-43 I's, G4M1-11, and maybe the model 11 Zeroes....(Got to do a little more research about the Zero) and AI flyable Ki-21s
    Targets for Red: Japanese tanks and artillery north or Singapore.
    Targets for blue: No idea yet, but working on it.
    What are your guys thoughts?

    Update: Ok. No A6Ms. The problem is, to the British pilots, all Japanese fighters where the zero. Also oddly enough quite a few claims of German 109s and Stukas. I may substitute the D3A for the Ki-51. Also apparently some Dutch Buffaloes from also participated in the defense of SIngapore, from 2-VLG-5.
    Good books on the subject: Buffaloes over Singapore, Hurricanes over Singapore, and Bloody Shambles Vol 1 and 2.
    Should already be one in rotation although I moved the action away from Singapore (low FPS for some folks back in the day) so you could try something closer to the end. It's a fun scenario but you're right that there are no Zeros at all. The British (and Americans) called everything a Zero. The Ki-43, A6M, A5M, heck they even called the Ki-44 a Zero (because they didn't know what it was).

    Your basic Singapore lineup is the Hurricane IIb and Buffalo Mark I up against the Ki-43-I (not the Ki-43-II) and we've thrown in the D3A (subbing for the Ki-51) and G4M1 (historically bombed Singapore) because Japan needed something to bomb with. The Beaufort Mark II would be the historically accurate type for Singapore. They were actually Australian built Beaufort Mark V but the Mark II is the closest match.
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    Ok. Just learned something. According to Ikuhiko Hata's book, Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II, the 22nd Air Flotilla had a fighter unit consisting of model 21 Zeroes (from 3rd and Tainan kokutais) based at Khota Baru, which participated in battle for air superiority over Singapore.

    Well it would give the fliers who like cannons something, but perhaps it may be to much for the reds to handle. Need to do some testing.


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