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Thread: Every Day Im shuffling .....

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    Every Day Im shuffling .....

    Servers around.

    This time i have pulled the plug on the old Battle-Fields 2 IL2 server. She has served us well but old age, and dryness (especially around her bearings) means she isnt as much fun has she has been in the past to work on due to her constant whining from the fan.. bearings.

    Replacign the fans is a pain in the backside as they are a strange size and replacements are hard to come by. I also have to use a soldering iron and a drill to modify the replacements. I did replace many of the fans in the past as they failed or made so much noise people in the offices down the hall were complaining but it simply isnt worth it.

    If anyone wants to come and pick up one of the old servers for nostalgic reasons or even to use them get in touch.

    Also the older servers we use are very power hungry and I would like to keep B-F green if possible not least to keep the costs down!

    So I have moved everything to a newer and dare I say tighter, model. I have updated the IL2 controling software and hyperlobby to the latest version and I am in the process of getting it back to life.
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    Thanks again for all the work you put into this bone, we cant thank you enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusek View Post
    Thanks again for all the work you put into this bone, we cant thank you enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodoodat View Post


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