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Thread: DayZero - Totally brought me back to this game.

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    Cool DayZero - Totally brought me back to this game.

    Remember all the things that made you give up on DayZ?

    The hacking, the performance issues - the fact that nearly everyone seemed to have a 1 hit kill anti material rifle and thermal scoped assault rifle? (duping was also RAMPANT)

    I gave up on DayZ due to all of these issues plus the promise of the Standalone making it all better.
    But as i'm sure everybody who is still the slightest bit interested knows - the Standalone is not forthcoming.
    Even when it does come out it will be in a buggy alpha state for quite some time.

    Well, I decided to come back anyway - to regular old DayZ, where one can FIND such servers anymore. It was alright for a while, then the team that is now in charge of the mod (NOT the original developers) decided to add in some really ridiculous stuff that makes it nigh on unplayable.

    Well, I still had the DayZ fever - what was I supposed to do, play one of those ridiculous mods of mods that give you 500 vehicles, extra helicopters, and hold your hand whilst you cross the street?

    Then - we found DayZero.

    It's whitelisted - haven't had any hacking incidents at all and it has a good active community.
    It's Chernarus - with many more buildings that are enterable.
    They've removed the overpowered weapons and rebalanced everything - generally with an eastern european theme fitting the setting.
    There is more variety, better gun sounds.... yet they still haven't added things which don't fit. Everything that has been added has been carefully considered.
    It RUNS BETTER than i've ever seen DayZ run.

    It's still Arma 2, it still has glitches - but I'd say even these are less apparent than they were, the zombies don't feel QUITE so finicky - though make no mistake, they're still not smooth or predictable.

    example of new interiors:

    If you are tired of waiting for Standalone and have any interest at all in trying the mod again i'd strongly advise downloading DayZero and giving it a try.

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    Interesting thanks.

    ive not been following the stand alone saga, what's happening?
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    "It's not going to be next week (jet lag, etc...). But it's not going to be longer than two months. It will be somewhere in between." said by lead developer last month - however he's started backpedaling on that statement.

    Beginning to get a "2 weeks - be sure" vibe. (There have been delays before)

    We should be getting an update this week some time, with video hopefully.

    If you can be bothered there were some quite nice features shown off at Rezzed but also it was rather painfully clear how much further they still have to go. The glitchy behaviour of the zombies was especially worrying is this is something I feel they HAVE to nail down.

    Trying to lower my own expectations at the moment (though i'll definitely be picking it up). DayZero is scratching the itch well for now - it's the best DayZ has been.

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    Seconding what Dem0nEgg says about dayzero.

    Its quite the change and has made the mod fun again while keeping true to its original style and values, minus all the silly, overpowered weapons that ruined the original.
    If anyone fancies giving it a whirl, give either me or DemonEgg a shout and we'l happily join you.

    Oh and there is no need to mess around with install files, it can all be done via Dayz Commander.

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