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Thread: Team Fusion Friday Update - 27th September 2013 - Particle Effects

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    Team Fusion Friday Update - 27th September 2013 - Particle Effects

    Today we show you some particle effects that have been re-worked, along with some great new additions by one of our modellers.

    Please note all the footage was shot 'real-time'. No cheating by filming the footage slow speed and then speeding it up in the edit. This was all at 1920x1200 and recorded using FRAPS at a minimum of 30-fps.

    Everything in the Graphics menu is set to maximum or high

    System used was;

    an i7 950 @ 3.06 Ghz
    6Gb of Ram
    Nvidia 670 GTX 4Gb

    So not a super beast by any means.

    Watch as the aircraft goes through the water spray and thick smoke without losing a frame.

    Note too new water craft (no official paint-schemes yet, so look a little unfinished). These only became available this week, so I thought, why not put those in too?

    There are a couple of sequences of note. One is the attack on the Submarine and the other on the boat, both with the guns. You can see the new smoke effect for the 20mm + hit effects. What is more important is the PoV. The camera is completely zoomed in, which in the old version (Vanilla and TF 3.01) would cause the FPS to sometimes drop to six frames-per-second until you passed through the spray (or smoke). This is no-longer an issue and as you can see in the footage, there is no visible slow down or frame loss. At last, smoke, spray, fire effects and not FPS hit.

    Not long now and you will be able to enjoy it too. Cheers, TF

    Video is here:

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    Marvellous. However, given that the stuttering is still blatantly obvious, there's no chance I'll be reinstalling this.

    Nice video.


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