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Thread: server settings

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    server settings

    Just wondering if its possible to set shared kills
    in the server.

    Setting this would mean more than one player could be rewarded for the kill,

    and also might prevent shoulder shooting, and getting either side to win as a team and not by one player alone

    please your thoughts

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    It is set Gringo, but it doesn't work very well imo.

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    Shared kills is on and it does work but not exceptionally well. There are instances where shared kills are not awarded and so forth. It hasn't bothered me too much so I haven't looked into the specific circumstances surrounding when it does and doesn't work.

    Unfortunately shoulder shooting and other poor tactical decisions requires players to think as a group and not individually. This a rare trait to find in someone by themselves and it usually has to be trained into them... so in most cases players do not play as a team regardless of the rewards that are available to them. Games like Battlefield 3 and 4 reward teamplay with very high levels of points and yet you'll find good numbers of players only playing for themselves. They aren't all that effective (and tend to score lower) but they really don't seem to get it.

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    Hello guys. BF-2 server used to have fragile torpedoes on. Any chance we could get that turned back on? I believe it was turned off due to it being almost impossible to drop the MK-13 with an A-20 or beaufighter. But this could be fixed using the MK-13(late) which has higher drop settings. ( 400 km/hr 200m Alt)

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    Dolphin, they are on. PM'd you.
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