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    Was playing on a server called Merrill's Marauders, and the teamplay was pretty good. And then, after a while, people starting playing mp3s of anti-black songs. But it wasn't a one-off. It kept happening, all these different guys playing these songs about murdering blacks and worse.

    It was disgusting. When I complained, I was asked to leave the server. Basically rounded upon. Now, I don't think they had any admins on, obv, but it was really sub-human, shit-for-brains behaviour.

    I've never really come across this much in Europe, playing on loads of servers over the years in various games but here, It was basically ok with like a server of 64 players.

    I'm a bit annoyed, frankly, as I was enjoying the server up to that point. It just didn't feel right playing alongside these arseholes, in some way allowing their nasty opinions to be 'accepted' by me. So I had to quit.

    So just a word of warning, I suppose: there are neanderthals, poorly-educated shit-births out there that will try to convince you that a fellow human is a lesser being. We've only found one source of life in this whole bloody universe so far. I despair of any sort of twat that will turn you against your neighbour, be he in the house beside you, the county nearby, or the country you border with. You're the only bloody humans we have.

    Sorry for ranting, but damn I hate ignorance and stupidity.

    quick edit:: through contacts, this has been reported to the devs. Possible win. Edit: but not: Not much the devs can do apparently.
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    Sad state of afairs I would think, we would be able to do something if it was our server, and in fact we have done it in the past and still do. Hopefully the Battle-Fields servers are a safe and happy place for reasonable people to play. Thanks to the admins!
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    Sadly, that isn't a singular incident at all. Of course it isn't unusual to have one or two unpleasant, stupid individuals who think it's awfully hilarious to engage in that sort of stuff, but I remember my visit to that particular server in the same way. Seemingly their admins have very little interest in doing anything about it.

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    That is the nature of the internet. Some people feel invincible and are unable to control themselves / conduct themselves in a civilised manner.
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