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    Battlefield Hardline

    Did anyone else try the Battlefield Hardline beta recently? I thought it was pretty good. Performance was really good on my system even on 'Ultra' settings and graphically to me it looked as good if not better than some of the best maps in the last DLC released for BF4 which in their own right showed how well the game engine has evolved and matured into a much more stable offering than it was on BF4's release. Battlefield has always been more about wide open large battle's so interiors have not always been as detailed as say more close quarters games like Call of Duty for example but in BFH interiors on maps like 'Bank Job' were nicely detailed with office clutter and traditional old bank building features like large columns and sumptuous wood panelled walls as well as streets outside looking alive with bits of rubbish blowing across the streets, leaves on the ground and abandoned cars and a police road block. Load times were quicker too although this is a beta so may not have all the bloat BF4 has to deal with.

    The gameplay feels quicker too, especially on the Heist mode which I played a lot of and Hotwire which is like a rolling conquest game mode though I felt it was too fast a frenetic at times. Some have criticised the inclusion of conquest mode as it doesn't fit with the overall 'cop n robbers' theme but I think EA/DICE would have drawn more criticism if a Battlefield game had not included a conquest mode. Heist was by far the most fun for me in this beta, it allows for different game styles such as run and gun as everyone try's to get to the vault as quick as possible while others like me liked to stake out the roof tops with a sniper rifle and cover the streets to aid or block the escape depending on the side I was playing on. Others would lay siege to the loot escape points if they were the police or run ahead and try and prep and hold the escape zone if they were on the criminals side. I thought sniping was a little easier in this game than other Battlefield games although that may be down to players starting with the Scout Elite sniper rifle already decked out with mods like a decent scope, straight pull etc. I found myself on numerous occasions able to bring down opposing players I encountered in the streets at close range despite them having an assault rifle or SMG. I don't think the rifle as such needs altering on damage because in normal difficulty mode it still takes two shots to take someone down unless you get a headshot though perhaps the speed at which the rifle can be pointed could be tweaked down a little. The grappling hook makes a welcome return to the Battlefield franchise and despite some concerns it might just help those who like to camp get to normally restricted area's it can also help sneak up on those snipers. One example would be my favourite spot on the 'Bank Job' map was on top of the car park on the stairwell roof which is accessible via a ladder. You can lay a trip mine to cover the ladder and cover the elevator and the other stairway door but on a couple of occasions in the midst of a fire fight someone threw a grappling hook up the side of the building and got in behind me and killed me.

    Hotwire mode was probably my least favourite mode in the beta, I think perhaps this game mode needs tweaking. Basically its conquest mode but with vehicles as the capture points so you can move them around the map. Now on paper that sounds like a nice twist on normal conquest mode but in practice at least the times I played that game mode it involved capturing the cars and racing around in circles around the large 'Downtown' map as fast as possible which those who didn't have a vehicle either fought among themselves or got mown down in the car chase. I felt vehicles were perhaps a little too armoured so taking down their occupants often involved just playing chicken and hoping for the best. If I wanted a more open fight I opted for regular conquest mode which played out over the 'Dustbowl' map which featured a small town with a large motel in the centre of the map with various houses and industrial units around it. I played the beta in 2014 and the game mode used there was called 'Blood Money' and used the 'Downtown' map and featured an overturned security truck in the middle of the map and both teams had to get to the truck and grab as much loot as possible and return it to their base with a small twist being that the enemy could also raid your base and steal the loot. I much preferred that game mode to Hotwire.

    On the whole I enjoyed it although there were some small niggles. The UI for class selection and weapon/class customisation was too cluttered in my opinion and needs simplifying. Some of the abandoned cars on the 'Bank Job' map seemed to have bullet proof glass as I was unable to snipe through them and on a couple of occasions there were some clipping issues as I sighted up over a ledge or catwalk and fired on someone only for it too show a 'hit' graphic right in front of me on some invisible object but that didn't happen very often. Opinion has been divided over whether this should be a standalone or DLC, I think this goes far beyond a DLC pack and just the three maps and three game modes to me was worth more than the $20 you'd expect to pay for DLC. From what I experienced in the 2014 beta and the beta last week I'm going to buy the game.

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    Not tried it myself but thanks for the appraisal. Not sure if I will go for it, im waiting to see if we get a dedicated server for BoS
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    Its will likely suit my run and gun needs, I'm also getting back into ARMA 3 again though mainly just fooling around online in the A3 Wasteland mod. I'm also playing a lot more Battlefield 4, its a much better game than it was when it was launched although I still managed to have fun with it back then but even more so since my PC upgrade last year.


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