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Thread: [HOW TO] set up Cliffs of Dover with TF 4.3

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    [HOW TO] set up Cliffs of Dover with TF 4.3

    This is a tutorial with short as possible tips on how to set up Cliffs of Dover to get the best out of it. Looking back at IL2 1946, it too has many hidden secrets on what to enable and what not.

    Hope this saves you some time and eliminates possible headaches.

    At the time of writing this post, the tutorial is based on my experience with He-111H2. For more detail please refer to this excellent ChuckOwl's manual.

    The rest of his tutorials (for other planes) can be found HERE.


    Tutorial @ ATAG:

    Video tutorial:

    Turn Off 'Steam Cloud' by unchecking the 'Enable Steam Cloud sync.' box. First open 'Steam' and go to :
    STEAM > Library > All Games > IL2 Sturmovik:Cliffs Of Dover (right Click) > Properties > Updates > Steam Cloud > (Uncheck Box) Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover.
    Remember to start the game (and quick mission) after every patch!


    In order to remove the annoying UBIsoft video on every startup that can not be skipped, go to:

    ...Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover\parts\core\GUI

    rename Logo.wmv to something else and create a new text file, then rename it to Logo.wmv (by changing file extension)

    This file should have 0 bytes and will make the game skip the intro video.
    You may need to enable "Hide extensions for known file types" in windows explorer for this.


    No brainier here. Basically turn everything on except the dreaded Anti-Epilepsy Filter. (I've left buildings on high instead unlimited, might be completely harmless for all I know)


    Important things to disable:

    • Anthropomorphic Control.
    • Cannot Switch Positions.

    Optional things to disable:

    • No AI control (for practicing gunnery while AI drives the bomber).
    • Head shake (for some it is overdone).
    • No padlock (for those without TIR).


    The game doesn't have a tail wheel lock command, and mirrors aren't working yet. Don't waste time on these binds. Other important tips:

    • Make sure that under axis controls (only aileron, elevator and rudder have this) sensitivity is set to 0 else your controls have a very high curves set by default (unless you want to have it that way).
    • There is no level stabilizer in He-111. Course Autopilot next and previous mode plus left / right is all you need.
    • For some reason bomb bay door toggle key doesn't work (or can get bugged), bind two keys (one for open / closed) just to be safe.
    • Unbind controls you will not use (e.g. mirror, open / close hatch, alt x and pan view commands...).
    • Bind "M" for Map and "S" for Toggle Net Stats.
    • Don't forget a master arm key: Toggle Bombs Armed.

    Once done - save them to a file!


    We have it set up according to Chuck's tutorial. I have everything set like on the image above, except for the "/", "*", "-" and "+" keys. These keys I set elsewhere.

    Remember to unbind overlapping pan view controls.


    HUD windows can be tailored to your like (almost like Android phone). This is my current setup above. The message window was moved to the lower right while the control axes show digital values. We opted for digital readout of main controls for ease of use during formation flying. Don't forget to stretch the window in order to see the oil and water radiator values when switching to digital.

    UPDATE: Recommend to have a dark red font for the engine window, and change the multiplayer stats window (only available when on MP server) font from gray to white.

    Tutorial @ ATAG:


    The interface is not very intuitive. In order to use a custom loadout with a quick mission, you need to create a new one. The following example is how to load He-111H2 with 8xSC250 bombs:

    1. Go to OPTIONS / PLANE and select the one you want to create a custom loadout for.
    2. Click on LOADOUT and you should see 3 tabs. Bombs are selected in the first tab called Weapon Sets. Bomb fuses under Bombs.
    3. In the central bay load 8xGB SC250 bombs and select 40% fuel.
    4. Once satisfied, save the loadout under a new name.
    5. After you are done, DO NOT CLICK BACK! Instead click OK else all these changes will not save!
    6. Click OK one more time when back in the 3D model viewer.

    (loadouts are plane specific, IIRC you can not move them across to another plane)

    If successful, this is how it should look like:

    - I've also saved the recommended MG belts per Chuck's manual. They unfortunately do not work in quick missions. To get them working in single player you need to manually edit mission in FMB and add desired belt loadout to the flight.

    - The loadout (bombs only) should then be visible in quick missions:


    Combination of Course Setter and Directional Gyro applies for all planes:

    Video tutorial (Course and Directional compass):

    Video tutorial (109 and map tools):


    Video tutorial:

    - requires knowledge on how compass works
    - requires "Adjust Course Left / Right" keys

    In short:
    • "Course Autopilot" controls only rudder
    • "Mode 22" controls all surfaces


    Automation level bombing is pretty much the same as in old IL2. Accurate manual release can be achieved with this Japanese Calculator.

    So far tested with He-111 and SC250 bombs. Before dialing your and target altitude, speed etc... dial in 1 on the ARC value and 1600 on the bomb kg:

    The gray AngleAR gives out the correct angle where the first bomb will impact, provided you have done everything right.


    To manipulate the top gunner position properly you will need to set additional controls to move the gun mount around. Gunner pitch axis is reversed in CloD in comparison with other sims. The said axis can be reversed in conf.ini:

    Also, you can reverse the pitch axis of your mouse in the conf.ini file. It's in documents/ 1csoftclub/ il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - mod.

    scroll down to [rts_mouse]

    change invert=0 to invert=1 and save.

    You can also change your mouse speed/sensitivity in this section, the higher the number the more sensitive.

    SwapButtons = 0
    Increased sensitivity highly recommended! I use 2.0, 4.0 was a bit too sensitive (ok for guns, but mouse was too fast for external camera, FMB etc.).

    Tutorial @ ATAG:


    You must jettison the canopy first wtih Control+J and then press Control+E to bail out.


    Link @ ATAG:

    1. enable swastika
    2. replace the stock & moded skins with these

    I will update this thread as new info is available.
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    Ivemade this thread sticky as it looks quite useful!
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    Thanks Bone!
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    I found out that setting Video option to "Pseudo" mode makes the bombersCalc operable in flight if "topmost" is clicked (no alt+tab necessary).

    Recommended for bombing runs.

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    Thats a good find! I use two screens so I don't need an overlay, but many here do.

    By the way: today I've experimented with custom belt loadouts per ChuckOwl's manual, in particular with RAF planes. And dialing in custom convergence (inboard => outboard guns 220/230/240/250 m) I do have to say that it makes a difference. The only problem is testing it offline. Only possible if you edit belt loadout in FMB for single player missions (does not work in quick missions).

    Best trick is that I can just send over my loadouts and you can copy/paste them into your my documents / cliffs of dover folder - they are saved in user.ini.

    I can see why no tracer loadouts would be interesting online.
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    As promised, here is my user.ini, containing custom convergence and ammo belts for most of the RAF fighters, most 109, all 110s and He-111 loadout. I haven't yet touched Ju88 or other planes. Will update when we start flying it.

    - All done according to ChuckOwl's tutorials. RAF convergence is set from 220 on inner guns to 250 on outer guns for better spread. Tracers only on outer guns, though you can remove them and save a loadout as no tracer version in just a couple of clicks. Or you can go and edit your convergence to your liking.

    Drop into your C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD folder and replace existing user.ini. First backup your existing one, naturally.

    EDIT: These gun loadouts will not work with Quick Missions. They will with Single Player (best way to test them), but you need to edit each mission in FMB and give the desired plane weapon belt that you want. They work without a problem in MP.
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