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Thread: Scandalous!!!

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    Just chatting with Scif saying that his new computer was late being delivered from Scan Computers, which is funny as so was mine!!

    Scan used to be a good company but they have just lost my custom after many years as a customer.
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    I was just looking at upgrading mine. I hope he gets his PC soon and there are no problems with it, may your PC be fast and trouble free. I was just looking at 240 gb SSD for my laptop because my disk is slow. But I think my processor is too slow to warrant spending the $75.

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    The whole saga with scan has left a bitter taste in my mouth if I am honest. I have used them many times in the past with no problems, but after this I will take my custom elsewhere.

    Ordered the build on the 8th October and I expected a delay but to not have it arrive till 4th November is beyond a joke.

    I am not knocking the build quality as there's nothing wrong with it, but the customer service along with DPD the courier as just caused me to rethink why.

    I paid an extra 30 for Saturday for delivery last weekend, but it never arrived after waiting in all day and had to take time off work to wait in for it to be delivered on Wednesday which has cost me money also.

    for some unknown reason they sent it too the wrong depot and it sat god knows where for 5 days before arriving. and im still in the process of getting a full refund on delivery, they so far refunded me 12, so yet again i got to make numerous call etc and try and sort the mess out.

    I just hope the system does not breakdown at any time.


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