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Thread: The Source Code has arrived - Now the fun begins :)

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    The Source Code has arrived - Now the fun begins :)

    Salute to All

    Team Fusion Simulations is very happy to report we now have access to the Source Code, all 29.2 gb of it... !!!

    Thanks to Nikolay Baryshnikov and Jason Williams for their good faith and willingness to trust TFS with this valuable piece of software.

    We also want to thank all those members of the community who supported us and who are welcoming CLIFFS OF DOVER back to the great IL-2 series.

    As Jason said in conversation, "I got interested in Flight Sims because of my experience as part of the IL-2 community, that started me on the path to RoF and BoS."

    The same goes for the members of TFS... we are all from the community, and we are all Flight Sim enthusiasts.

    Lots of work ahead, but we are ready for the challenge and looking forward to providing some shiny new toys for everyone to play with.

    Cheers, Team Fusion Simulations

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    Good news! I've been following and posting about this a fair bit. Good luck to you and the rest of the Team Fusion team!
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