334th McSlash here, formerly TTU McSlash. Been playing since 2006, and built many of the USL maps.
Okay, let's see if we can light this forum up a little.
While I've built many maps, I have not been involved with the server end of things.

I have been working with BFPadre building maps in HSFX 7.03 for the upcoming Battle-Fields 3 Server, and we both have questions about setting Victory Objectives . . .
I was directed to this at Mission 4 Today;
Team=planes:pilots:wagons:aaa:tanks:artillery:cars:ships:numobj=mission.mis\n (but where would I put Infantry, moving or static?
And static Infantry come in at least two flavors)

691_Static vehicles.stationary.Stationary$AxisPnzrInfantry 2 426899.16 120374.54 510.00 0.0
619_Static vehicles.artillery.Artillery$AxisPnzrInfantryE 2 427021.31 120268.98 420.00 0.0 0 1 1 (obviously entrenched, but are they targeted as artillery?)
I also found this;
<ARMY FBD>\n Blue=50:45:5:0:5:0:0:0:2=blue-win.mis\n Red=75:85:0:0:0:0:10:3:1=red-win.mis\n TimeLimit=75:None:tie.mis\n EscapeProc=35\n </ARMY FBD>\n
Understood, but I have also heard that you can target by % of forces in an area, similar to an AI mission, but how?

Any info, or links to Tuts would be appreciated, thanks.