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Thread: Jasta 5 2017 Black September Event

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    Jasta 5 2017 Black September Event


    The Basics:

    Who - We will have a strong enough server to support up to 72 pilots flying at the same time during this event. Shake the bushes and get people signed up!

    What – A FIVE week Rise of Flight mini-campaign focusing on the highly successful but too late last ditch effort by the German Air Service in September 1918. There will be a Red Team and Blue Team. Teams will switch sides and after two hours and fly the other side meaning both teams have an equal chance of victory.

    When – September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7 Time: 1645-2145 GMT

    Where – Register here: Pilots will sign up for the event and be assigned to either Red or Blue team. If you wish to fly with your mates, simply state which unit you belong to when registering so we can make an effort to keep you together with those you wish to fly with.

    For a little history - ... #September

    Server Info:
    Weather: Variable – Peliminary forecast posted a week out, with a final forecast posted within 24-8 hours before. Winds aloft will be DIFFERENT than ground wind!.
    Temperature at ~20 C. Variable with weather.
    Sea State: 1.5
    Weapon Mods: On
    Death penalty: 20 minutes. If you can relife, do so after 20 minutes. You can fill gunner positions during death penalty if you go in via spectator mode (check with your teammates if you are unsure about what this means).
    Plane sets: Mostly late models - Replenish every hour.
    Mission Timeframe: 15 minute preflight. 2 hours of fighting. ~5 minute scoring.
    Mods: On - but no player installed mods are required. Make sure you do NOT run the Arras Mod!

    Missions will be designed to encourage high altitude as well as ground level support, spreading activity vertically as well as across the area of operations.

    Play is centered around 9 weak-points that have been identified in the German line by the Entente. At the beginning of the mission, the Entente will randomly select 3 of those weak-points to attempt a breakthrough –one in the North, one in the middle, and one in the South.

    British/French/American (depends on the mission) armored units will begin moving from jump-off points to attack these areas and Entente pilots will be informed of those breakthrough locations, which will last for the duration of the mission.

    Central side will be informed of the locations as they come under attack, and by pilots who spot the advancing British forces from the air.

    Play is centered around a section of the front line which the Entente is attempting to encircle by nightfall with two large pincer attacks. The locations of these attacks and the objectives are known to both sides, but objectives are partially asymentrical. The Entente's primary goal is focused on encircling as many defenders as possible while maintaining air superiority. The Central Powers are focused on doing anything possible to spoil total encirclement and also to save as many retreating troops as possible before encirclement occurs.

    Play is centered around an area of the front that has been ordered to conduct a general retreat. The defenders are in a state of continual withdrawl but have not collapsed. Their rear guard troops are putting up considerable resistance. The Entente's primary goals are to maximize territory gain by nightfall, maintain air superiority till dusk, and maximize casualties to enemy forces. The Central Powers's primary goals are to minimize casualties to retreating troops and break Entente control of the air by dusk.

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    Looks like fun!!
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