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Thread: Version 2.012 HIS 129 and maps.

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    Version 2.012 HIS 129 and maps.

    Version 2.012 is running now.

    I tried the His 129, a bit slow but some good ground attack weapons.

    Setting manual prop pitch / rpms is a bit of a fiddle.

    Default is auto which sets the pitch for max rpm, however this will limit your non-combat power settings to almost stalling speed.

    Haven't looked at the maps yet.

    Happy Flying.


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    Let us know about the maps, i'm grounded atm with tech issues and am itching to try this.

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    Yep, version 2.012 has arrived and its quite possibly the largest update in the series. The Kuban map, a massive FM overhaul, and the Hs129B-2 have all been released in this update.

    I wrote up an overview of the patch here:

    And I put together a first impressions pack on the Kuban map here:

    In a word... the Kuban map is the most impressive update for the series we've seen so far. Its visually spectacular!
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