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Thread: Racing cars, damnit

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    Cool Racing cars, damnit

    We are running an Automobilista server, and have been doing so for a while.

    Automobilista is the best racing sim avail at the moment. It is equally playable with xbox/wheel - in fact, they made it more controller friendly in the last patch.

    It's not as shiny as Asseto Corsa, nor Rfactor2 in DX11 - both of which I have. It simply feels better. More realistic.

    I'd be delighted if anyone would consider giving this a crack - and I know we have a few people bouncing about with a copy.

    Sim-racing differs from console racing in a couple of crucial respects.

    There's no rubber-banding, no gamification.

    Once you know a track, then it's a case of learning to drive within your ability. This is when the game becomes fantastic. Once you can drive a track without screwing up, the ascent begins. Learning how to drive a really famous car just that little bit quicker through sections of really famous tracks is just exactly what simming is about. Spitfire Rhubarbs over Northern France? 2004 Ferraris at Spa. Bit of a stretch maybe..! But the same excitement and skills are being tested.

    And then we get to the meat - Multiplayer. AMS has the most respectful online community I've ever met.

    Here's me doing some of that MP stuff on our server -

    Incidently, that race above was with a standard xbox controller. A wheel, whilst nice, is not required in the slightest.

    The AI offline is very believable, too.

    I simply can't recommend this enough to anyone here. We're in a genuine golden age for racing sims and AMS is platinum.
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    This is the only racing sim i dont have, may look in to buying it one day, when i do want a racing fix, my go to is race room, brilliant sim, best sound/ffb going for me, have heard alot of good things about AMS thou.
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    Interesting stuff Nov, Im useless at racing sims but Ill download it sometime and give it a shot.

    Why not give us the details of the server?
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    Looks really good mate, are you on manual gears in that race? I think I would struggle enough with learning the car / track without having to sort out the gears. I have a logitech wheel some where, when you guys are going to play it give me a shout.


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