I havent had the time (or the inclination) to spend any time on the servers for the last few months.

However, I now have a little spare time so I am working on the old machines to try and get them sorted.

I have just added a new set of batteries to the small UPS. This should hopefully help make the hard drives last longer if we end up getting power spikes. Something that been strapped onto the side of a very big power hungry factory doesnt help.

Ive also just dropped 2 new 1 gig hard drives into one of the poweredge servers that died about 8 months ago or more. Im now installing some virtualisation software onto it and will add BF1 to this machine and then create a second small machine just to use for Team speak and data backup for the network.

Next is to try and resurect the old server that was BF2. It also suffered hard drive failure. To be fair I dont buy genuine server hard drives these days they are just way too expensive. This probably means that after 2 to 3 years there will be problems.

So Thats a totla of 4 gigs of storage in 2 machines. When we first started with our own servers we used to have 72 gig server drives. Which is why we always running out of space! Some of those drives are now over 10 years old and they were second hand then!

Anyhow I digress.

Next up after Friday (and if I dont get called out to work next week) and the BoS server has cooled down after the usual Friday night festivities and if the new raid battery I ordered has landed I will shut that down and then install the battery which will hopefully mean even if it does crash or rebbot it will come back up on its own without me having to drive into the server room.

Finally Im trying to work out what to do with the webserver. As there are probably only about 5 of us in here these days is it worth keeping it running? I think I would like to keep B-F site going just for old times sake so I may look into options for that.

As always I am keen to get feedback and suggestions.