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Thread: DCS F14 performance bottlenecks

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    DCS F14 performance bottlenecks

    I have been doing some testing to see what is keeping my system from producing higher FPS with the tomcat module.
    As as baseline, I configured DCS default HIGH settings at 1080p, loaded the "HB Tomcat Defend The Fleet" mission, zoomed out all the way and ran some tests.

    I was getting:
    Without mirrors: 51 FPS
    With mirrors: 43 FPS

    I then tried underclocking my 1070 GPU as low as it would go, and it made no impact at all. None. I would probably have the same FPS with a 1060.

    I tried underclocking my CPU (Ryzen 2600x @~4.1 GHz boost), and I saw an almost perfect linear correlation between CPU speed and FPS.

    Im using old left over DDR4 2133 Mhz from my previous rig. I always knew that held me back somewhat, but I stuck with it due to high ram prices and because usually the effects of ram speed are overstated. Not here. Overclocking my ram by 12% to 2400 speeds also gave me an almost linear 10% FPS increase to 56/47 FPS.

    There are no miracle solutions to increase my CPU clock, but suffice to say, DDR4-3200 will be ordered. I might even investigate if my motherboard will let me use overpriced DDR4-3600. It may actually be worth it for DCS and a better investment than a high end GPU, at least for 1080p non VR.
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