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Thread: BOS Wings of Liberty “Moscow sky Winter – 41 vol.3” event on Saturday Oktober 19th

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    BOS Wings of Liberty “Moscow sky Winter – 41 vol.3” event on Saturday Oktober 19th

    Anyone else eager to take part?

    Good day, gentlemen.
    This is the invitation to take part of the next “Moscow sky Winter – 41 vol.3” event. Il-2 Great battles game. Next Saturday 19 Oct 2019 Moscow local time zone 21:00 start.
    We are looking any brave pilots preferable squad teammates who will not afraid to fly without GPS on Eastern front with not convenient weather condition. Event time season is winter 1941. Attacking plan set for the both side with targets within 20-30 km from frontline. Any type of planes for your choose from the both sides including MC.202. Limited ammo configurations will be specified later. Total quantity is 84 pilots only. One life and one type of the plane for event but reload and repair options are available on any base. Attacking time successful only within 165 min from start. Total event duration is 3 hors.
    Another hard day in the sky.
    If interested please proceed to registration on:
    Important note:
    Choose Flight No.3 (Вылет 3-й) in Excel file. Ignore Flight No.1,2 (Вылет 1-й, Вылет 2-й)
    TS address:
    Discuss and coordination at:
    Welcome onboard.
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    Might be able to in a PE2, I'll have to find out what's planned in my family, if I can make it i will register. Thanks for the heads up.


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