Achtung Spitfire! IL-2: Battle of Kuban makes the legendary Supermarine Spitfire flyable

July 10th, 2017 by

1CGS, the developers behind the next generation IL-2 series including Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow are hard at work on the next installment of the series due to be finished by the end of 2017. Last week the developers made the Spitfire flyable and it’s great!

The Spitfire and the Kuban battles

IL-2: Battle of Kuban covers the intense aerial battles of the Kuban region during 1943. The twist over other eastern battlefields is that the Kuban battle was fought using significant numbers of lend lease aircraft from Britain and the United States. Included in the aircraft set is the P-39L-1, A-20B and the legendary Spitfire Vb.

Over 150 Spitfire Mark Vb fighters with both the Merlin 45 and Merlin 46 engine were used by Russian squadrons on the frontlines of the Kuban battle.

The Spitfire Vb comes with both engine options in IL-2 and a standard loadout for Spitfires with B-Type armament – two Hispano Mark II 20mm cannons with 60 rounds per gun and four Browning .303 machine guns with 350 rounds per gun.

There aren’t many other options (a rear-view mirror can be fitted) but the Spitfire makes up for a lack of options by being generally an excellent fighter and bomber interceptor.

The Spitfire is overall an outstanding performer that is relatively easy to fly with good acceleration, climb and speed. It can also handily out turn nearly every fighter currently available in IL-2! The Spitfire provides an excellent rival option for the Bf109s and FW190s alongside its Russian counterparts like the Yak-1 and La-5.

What else is new?

The IL-2 series has been rapidly evolving. Full VR support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, AI and graphics performance upgrades, new sharpening filters, updated SLI/Crossfire capabilities, the new DX11 graphics engine (introduced late last year), better tree rendering and rendering distance, and impending shadow updates are all part of the progress of the base engine of the series.

Co-op and a revamped campaign system are still due later this year along with the Kuban map in spring, summer and autumn variations.

Six aircraft for the Kuban battle have already been released including the excellent IL-2 Model 1943 with PTAB anti-tank cluster bombs and a standard rear gunner.

At the moment, the following Battle of Kuban aircraft are already implemented and flyable:

  • Bf109G-4
  • FW190A-5
  • Bf110G-2
  • He111H-16
  • IL-2 Model 1943
  • Spitfire Vb

Some aircraft are still to come later this year:

  • Yak-7B
  • Hs129B-2
  • P-39L-1
  • A-20B

Multiplayer servers updated

Our Battle-Field UK multiplayer servers for IL-2 have been updated with the latest patch and our mission makers are currently adding the Spitfire into key scenarios. Join us online and take the Spitfire out for a few missions – get in close with those Bf109s and show them how well the new Spitfire turns!


Silent Running

May 26th, 2017 by

Ill be rigging for silent running later today and giving the planet a bit of a break as I power down the whole of the B-F network for the weekend.

Due to the final stage of essential maintenance on the electricity supply to the building  over the weekend I will need to shut everything down this afternoon.

Good Luck!


Dont Forget!

May 17th, 2017 by

This weekend all the servers will be switched off to allow an upgrade to the power supply to the building. So you are going to all have to try Real Life Version 1. Thats the one where you peel your arse off that old sweaty computer seat stand up dropping pizza crumbs and crisps (chips if you are American :)) onto the floor then go and find your friends and / or family and see what they have been doing for the last 18 years ……. Well OK that’s what i will be doing. You can tell me what your plans are via Facebook and Twitter if you feel the need to communicate to someone digitally, Our Teamspeak server will be off too!

Come on chin up, you can do this!



Stay In Touch!

May 1st, 2017 by

As we move closer to the weekend where the servers will be shut down for a couple of weekends (see post below) I thought I would give you all a reminder of other ways you can get in touch with us here at B-F.

Probably one of the best ways is to join our FaceBook group as this is probably one of the more modern methods of sharing views etc. Forums are so late 90’s, which incidentally when was started; late 1997 to be precise! There is also a twitter account that I use for my random musings but it is in the B-F name so I do occasionally post B-F stuff on there and rant at various games companies, as well as soup manufacturers who insist in leaving small pieces of stone in their products; its a long story!

Also if you are having difficulty registering on the forums feel free to email me ( or use one of the alternative methods mentioned above. I make no apology for the tight security at our forum as spam and forums seem to go hand in hand and we get literally hundreds of rogue signups without our anti-spam wall in place!

See you all on the other side 🙂


Site Will Be Down

April 23rd, 2017 by

The power supply to the server room will be being upgraded during a couple of weekends in May.

I have yet to have the times and dates confirmed but will post them as soon as I have them. There is another option and it involves putting a bicycle on a rolling road with a generator strapped to it and me spending several hours trying to generate a few thousand Watts of power. Ive done some calculations and for me to achieve this I would need to eat about 178 pork pies and drink 40 pints of best bitter. So basically a normal night out. Trouble is Im not sure I can ride a bike and drink 40 pints so I decided just to turn the servers off whilst the work is being done.

Sorry for any inconvenience, if any pie manufacturers would like to sponsor please contact me though the normal chanels.


See IL2 At Its Best!

March 26th, 2017 by

Airdoc has created what can only be described as a stunning video of him and his mates from the DBS who fly on our servers. You really must take a look at the video on YouTube.


Impressive progress on Battle of Kuban

March 14th, 2017 by

In the fall, Jason Williams from the IL-2: Battle of Kuban development team laid out a basic outline of what was expected to arrive to Battle of Kuban early access and when. So far the developers at 1CGS are ahead of schedule delivering the Bf109G-4, Bf110G-2, He111H-16 and FW190A-5 ahead of schedule and showcasing some impressive early progress on the Kuban map and their first major warship. Update 2.008 arrived a couple of weeks ago and with it came two aircraft and surprise update to an aircraft that we already have. Things are really coming together!

The Butcher Bird

First up, the FW190A-3 got a big flight model update in version 2.007 and it has transformed the fighter into a deadly one from one that left fans of the aircraft a little frustrated with all of the stalling and crashing that it was doing.

The FW190A-5 has now arrived on the scene with a higher top speed and climb rates as well as some extra firepower options. It also has an engine modification – also a new feature of Update 2.008!

The FW190A-5/U17 modification enables a 1.65ATA engine boost option making this a low altitude hot-rod even with the bomb racks attached. And it can carry eight SC50 bombs at once.

A Meaner Heinkel

We also now have early access to the Heinkel He111H-16 bomber. A meaner one. Yes… that is possible! A modification of the earlier H-6 version, this new edition comes with more powerful engines leading to a slight performance bump but perhaps more importantly is the overall improvement in firepower with slower firing light machine guns replaced by the MG81Z – a rapid fire belt fed light machine gun and a single MG131 heavy machine gun in the top gunner station. It also carries some seriously large bombs as an option – I’m sure our Dedicated Bomber Squad guys are going to love that option on one of the next Friday Night Bomber flights.

But wait… there’s more!



What was old is new again in IL-2: Battle of Kuban development

February 16th, 2017 by

The new generation of IL-2 has had a lot of work to do trying to climb out from underneath the reputation of the original. IL-2 Sturmovik, Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters and the ultimate edition of IL-2: 1946 combined the kind of breadth and detail in a World War II sim never seen before. Starting over was always going to be daunting – but the team at 1CGS is working hard at making the new series into something that the fans can truly love. Some pretty big changes have been happening in the last couple of months and I thought now was a pretty good time to update on what’s happening with the run up to the release of IL-2: Battle of Kuban at the end of this year.



Battle-Fields goes racing again!

January 23rd, 2017 by

An Automobilista server is live at . You can connect through Steam or the game itself.

Read more about Automobilista here


Participation makes it happen with the Dedicated Bomber Squad!

January 11th, 2017 by

Born in the later days of the original IL-2, the Dedicated Bomber Squadron has been flying the skies of the Battle-fields UK servers and elsewhere for a few years now. Regulars to those servers over the years will know the familiar call-signs: Thor and TxTip. These two have been busy organizing template events for a couple of years now with increasing regularity as popularity of the new IL-2 series begins to take off.

DBS bomber crew lines up for another takeoff

Over the last couple of years, the duo has been organizing the Friday Night Bomber Flights and more recently the Friday Night Quickies. Both events are team oriented with players signing up and joining in organized flights.

It was long past time to sit down with Thor and TxTip and find out what these events are all about.

Already interested in jumping in? Check out the latest missions on our forums to find out when the next one is planned!

What is the Friday Night Bomber Flight?

Thor: Friday Night Bomber Flight started by DBS is Tip’s. It evolved into Tip’s brainchild and included a full fledged campaign he spent many hours behind, crunching numbers and building a new mission every week. Was the best BOS MP experience one could have at the time (not entirely sure whats up on the menu today). Now we have something similar to the DBS original idea, and that is re-running few quick missions with various goals, maps and plane sets. FNBF in its original form lasted up to 3h per Friday evening. This now is divided often between two shorter missions.

TxTip: Friday Night Bomber Flights became an immersive squadron oriented dynamic online campaign which incorporated custom made briefings and missions entirely based on the results of the prior mission. However over the course of 2 years and the good people from all over the world that I have had the honor to become associated with. It became and is so much more than that. Right now we are flying Quickies. The closest thing I can fashion within the BoS parameters to a Co-OP for large numbers of players. Will we return to a full FNBFs campaign event? Time permitting it’s possible. The new Kuban addition coming to the sim basically demands some type of campaign event to incorporate all the new aircraft and features.