Battle of Kuban announced!

September 11th, 2016 by

Promotional art for IL-2 Battle of KubanThis week IL-2 Producer Jason Williams took to the forums to announce the next addition to the IL-2 series: IL-2 Battle of Kuban!

The announcement laid out a plan for the future of the IL-2 series with plans to change longstanding issues, fix bugs, add new content and take the game into other theaters beyond the Eastern Front. Battle of Kuban represents a building ground for the team with regards to ocean and ship technology with the next targeted theater being the Pacific.

Many of the guys on the forums have been hoping for a change of scene and Battle of Kuban will be an installment that leads towards that goal.

The plan as it sits now is the following:

  • Battle of Kuban
  • Battle of Midway
  • Battle of Okinawa
  • Battle of ??????

Some of that may change but it gives you an idea of the expanding scope and trajectory of the series.

So what does Kuban give us and when is it coming out?

There is a 16 month development plan starting now that will see the Kuban battle released by December of 2017. In the meantime, content is planned to be added to the current game as its developed similarly to that of Battle of Moscow and Stalingrad before it. The battle itself was fought in the Kuban region of Russia along the Black Sea. The terrain is more varied than we’re used to with open plains, mountains, and coastal areas. It will be a proving ground for new ocean and ship technology with complex warships, simple trawlers, and everything in between. Kuban is also a region that saw some interesting Luftwaffe types and a good selection of American and even some British aircraft for the VVS.

Aircraft and Content

There is the now standard list of 8 flyable aircraft plus two Collector Aircraft for a total of 10. Let’s check them out:

  • Bf-109 G-4
  • Fw-190 A-5
  • Bf-110 G-2
  • He-111 H-16
  • Yak-7b
  • P-39L-1
  • IL-2 mod.43 UBT
  • A-20B
  • Hs-129 B-2 (Collector)
  • Spitfire Mk.VВ (Collector)
  • Kuban map 300x400km (Seaport, Towns, Mountains, Sea, Prairies, Large Forests, Part of Crimea)
  • Warships (Destroyer, Cargo ships, Submarines, Torpedo boats, Landing Barge)
  • Some New Ground Units

There were a huge list of improvements to the series as well with the recently announced removal of unlocks, new support for DX11 graphics and VR technology, and more all detailed in Jason’s announcement. Read the announcement for the full list and see what the future of IL-2 is all about!


Itching for more IL-2? Wish answered!

August 27th, 2016 by

newplanesItching for some more IL-2 content? The online store for new IL-2 Collector Planes has re-opened with two new pre-orders. The Yak-1B and Ju 52/3m are now available for purchase and will be delivered sometime before the end of 2016. They come with a slight discount at the moment so now is a great time to buy either aircraft if you feel like adding to your collection.

The Yak-1B is an upgraded Yak-1 with improved firepower and 360 degree vision thanks to its bubble canopy.

The Ju 52/3m is the iconic tri-engined armed transport used by the Luftwaffe in nearly every major operation of the war.

These two aircraft join the four other Collector Planes in the store:

  • La-5 Series 8
  • FW190A-3
  • P-40E-1
  • MC.202

News is expected in the near future on where the series will be heading next.


IL-2 unlocks removed, new content details

August 21st, 2016 by


Good news for Willy who hasn't finished doing all of the unlocks!

Good news for Willy! (He hasn’t finished doing all of the unlocks from IL-2’s single player campaign *tsk tsk*)

Some big changes are coming to IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. Jason Williams, the Producer for IL-2 announced late last week that starting this coming week, you will find all of your unlocks have been removed for equipment, weapons and skins. It won’t matter if you have the Premium edition or the Standard edition and it won’t matter if you have a Collector Airplane or one of the eight standard that come with each of the releases. The doors will be thrown wide open and all of the formerly locked items will be made available.

There is just the one caveat. If you have the Russian market Starter Edition of IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad then nothing will have changed. You will still need to progress through the ranks to gain equipment modifications.

Coming next!

No formal announcement has been made yet about what the team is working on next for their next major project. What we know is that the team has gotten together and that plans for the next two major expansions to the IL-2 franchise have already been planned out and pending the availability of funding, 1CGS will be working on them until completion.

In the meantime, two additional Collectors Aircraft have been announced. The Yak-1B and Ju 52 continue to make progress and Jason’s developer update also showed off some tasty screen shots. We’ve got a few for you right here!



Work on the Yak-1B external model appears to be nearly complete and is now fully textured. The Ju 52 internals continue their progress as well and in this shot we get a good look at the rear gunners station.

We also get a early look at the Odessa map work-in-progress by Zeus and a team of third party and internal developers. With vast stretches of open water, rolling hills and open fields, Odessa should be a familiar but unique map that will add greatly to the eastern front experience.

News surrounding the next release from 1CGS is still to come with Jason indicating news will be made available sooner than later and pre-orders for that and for the Ju52 and Yak-1B collectors aircraft will be forthcoming very soon as well. Stay tuned folks!


New flyables and more coming to IL-2

July 30th, 2016 by

Dev Diary #129 from the 1CGS IL-2 team was published a couple of days ago and it gives us a taste of what is to come.

The Yak-1B, an improved version of the Yak-1 and a work in progress shot of a cockpit for the Ju52 all but confirms that the famous tri-motor will be one of several new flyable aircraft in the future. Multiplayer compatibility is getting new changes which allow owners of BoS or BoM to fly on servers with maps from the product they don’t own. Changes to sounds and new aerobatic smoke generators round out some of the more immediate updates coming in the next patch along with news that IL-2: Battle of Moscow will finally release to the Steam Store.

A bigger announcement is expected before the end of August detailing the next theatre and other future plans for the series. You can bet that improved VR support will be part of that too.

Read the whole update right here!

july2016-update-01 july2016-update-01a july2016-update-02july2016-update-02


Late Spring (Stats) Cleaning

July 26th, 2016 by

Like an old tired janitor who walks down the corridor of an old smelly building brushing aside the detritus of time gone by I have wiped the old IL2 stats in preparation for  those of you who wish to check them to see how good your aim is.

So even if your aim isnt that good (Which might explain the smell) you had better get onto the server now and may hay whilst the sun shines and get points for not making hay but by shooting down the enemy…… or something.

Im old an tired!


Rise of Flight Summer Sale

June 26th, 2016 by

The folks of 777 Studios have offered up another sale (the last one feels like only a short time ago!) for Rise of Flight.

They are calling it their ‘Big Summer Sale’ with a 66% discount on most items. It goes until July 4 so if you’ve been thinking of adding to your Rise of Flight hangar, now is a great time to pick up a few more aircraft from the store.

Rise of Flight dogfight


IL2 Stats

June 16th, 2016 by

Once again I have had my arm round the blocked ‘u’ Bend on the stats server and cleared out the blockage.

So you should see a speed improvement and have a chance to be king of the hill for a while!


IL-2: Battle of Moscow Review

June 7th, 2016 by

IL-2: Battle of Moscow (v2.001) has been out for a few weeks and its time to review this addition to the IL-2 world and see how it scores up against Battle of Stalingrad.

A couple of things have happened since I did the review on Battle of Stalingrad. First, I think 1CGS was able to prove that they could release a potentially worthwhile successor to the original IL-2 series. Second, that the Rise of Flight Digital Nature engine could be adapted successfully to World War II aviation. Third, that the community was interested in more World War II air combat and that we would snap up some more content if it was good. And it was good!

Something else happened recently. I started up a blog called Stormbirds and its all about PC Flight Simulation. Writing there doesn’t mean I won’t be updating here but it did give me a great platform to write a second review.

I scored Battle of Stalingrad at 7.5/10. The first in the series was great but it was also seriously flawed at launch. How did I score Battle of Moscow? Read my full review here!

bom-i16sunset bom-109victory2 bom-me109victory bom-mig3-action-shot bom-p40roughlanding bom-damage-graphics ju88-mission-one



Another Rise of Flight Sale

May 24th, 2016 by

Yearning for the early days of armed combat in the skies? Check out Rise of Flight’s latest 66% off sale. The sale started today and goes until May 30th.

I just got into flying Rise of Flight and its spectacularly done. I’m a couple of hours into the free version and I figured, what the heck, lets buy some planes on sale. It’s a great sim and a different flavour from some of the higher speed WWII and modern combat sims that are out there.

rof-crashed rof-sopwithpupvictory


Battle of Moscow is here!

May 19th, 2016 by

Game version 2.001 officially ushers in the first expansion to IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad with the new Battle of Moscow release.

Here are some highlights from the update:

  • Customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow and don’t have Battle of Stalingrad can access the game today (previously only the players who own both theaters of war could play the Battle of Moscow)
  • Piloting tips added (they can be switched off in user interface settings)
  • Video cutscenes added to Battle of Moscow campaign
  • Scenario missions added to Battle of Moscow campaign
  • More combinations of weapon modifications are allowed for MiG-3 and P-40
  • Pine trees added to forests
  • Stalingrad navigation map updated to match the new Moscow map features (visible airfield layouts for instance)
  • Joystick IDs won’t be erased during each game update

There are a ton of other updates including some updates and fixes for IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad content too. For those on the fence, Battle of Moscow is everything that Battle of Stalingrad was with plenty of new content (8 regular planes, 2 premium, and the excellent fall and winter Moscow maps) with a slightly revised campaign. It has some of the same flaws too but the whole package is really coming along. A full review is coming later on. Until then!

bom-mig-cockpit-closing-in-on-victory bom-bf110-victory bom-mig3-beauty-shot bom-launches