Please just take a couple of minutes to read our rules, alternatively join the server break them (and if it is a bad one you broke) get banned.

Now before you go off on one and start calling us all sorts of names bear in mind that many, if not all, of our admins and site members are old enough to know how to deal with the minority of foul mouthed hormone fuelled teenagers who think the whole world is against them. Racist comments and swearing are the two main rules that will get you banned.

However if you are a sensible type who just enjoys playing games online with other descent folk then you will enjoy your time at Our aim since 1998 has been to create a safe friendly and enjoyable gaming experience for anyone who decides to drop by.

You will see from our website and forums we run a variety of servers, all for free, as well as providing servers for clans and a virtual home for those who choose to stay.

So enjoy your stay here with us and we look forward to seeing you in our forums!